Our Very Merry 25 Nighter Nov/Dec 15 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Our Very Merry 24 Nighter Day 5

Woke up at 6:45 after a nice long sleep (yay no snoring!). Sy was still sleeping so I killed time writing up trip notes and watching some TV. Sy woke up eventually at about 8. We got dressed and headed to the lounge for breakfast at 9am. It wasn’t quite as mad busy today so we ate in the lounge.

Full up we grabbed the car keys and made our way to the outlets. It was a glorious day!


First up were the outlets at Vineland. I like to think I didn’t go too mad, I got a new lip gloss in Clarins and of course some stuff in the Disney store. I did have a mini meltdown in the Disney store however :-/ The Dooney bag I had been coveting for months after seeing it online, well it had gone to the outlets! And not in a good way! They didn’t have the bag shape I wanted 😦 But I knew cause the pattern was there it meant they all had been discontinued! Nooooooo! I found a CM and asked about the letter carrier bag in the same pattern, she thought they had some in but they’d since sold out. Wahhhhh 😦 She said I could try checking back in case they got anymore in but don’t hold my breath. (The light blue beachy theme was the one I was after).


We then spent a small fortune in Ralph Lauren on clothes for Sy. I didn’t go mad, Sy however more than made up for it haha. The girl at the check out asked if I had any emails or vouchers to use, I remembered I had signed up for their emails last time so I had a quick look and turned out I had 15% off! So nice of her to ask and then wait for me to find it. Can never get over how nice shop assistants are in America.

Sy came out laden down with bags haha but not yet completely shopped out… There was a shirt he really liked but the only one in his size had a stain on so we decided to go to the other outlet to try and see if they had it in. Off we head to the other end of International Drive.

It took an absolute AGE to park, we drove round for sooooo long – not gonna lie I was about ready to call it a day! We got parked in the end though and tbh it wasn’t that busy once we were walking around.

Sadly they didn’t have any of the shirts Sy was after but he managed to find enough other stuff he wanted… Once again we left the shop with enough bags…

We didn’t really walk around anywhere else as it was getting on for lunchtime and we were shopped out. Luckily right around the corner there was a sweet tomatoes so we made our way there for munchies.

Lunch was so yummy and a steal at under $10 each (with a coupon I’d signed up for).

I grabbed one of their worlds smallest ice cream cones on the go and ate it in the car on the way back to the hotel

Back in the room Sy went online and saw pictures people had posted from MK. Omg! We swiftly cancelled our Fastpasses for that evening and made plans to go to totwl instead – think those Thanksgiving crowds were finally here lol

As we now had time on our hands we decided to go for a swim. The pool felt quite chilly so being the wimp that I am I tried the hot tub instead, only that was cold too :-/ hmmm. I decided to try the smaller hot tub, I could guess this one was hot cause it was jam packed with people lol. I was right, it was lovely and toasty. I stayed there till Sy finished his swim and came to find me. The sun had started to set and I discovered that it gets pretty chilly at night in the winter… Especially when you had to get out of a warm hot tub and dive for a towel! Brrrrrr!

Back in the room we got showered and dressed and then hit the lounge for appetisers. This was by far my favourite night, it was some sort of sweetcorn mash topped with a spicy durban chicken. AMAZING. (the other thing was a lamb stew or something, I didn’t eat that lol)

We had a bit of time before fireworks so we decided to head to target for a quick mooch. Didn’t really buy much but it was nice to look around.

We then drove over to BLT. Oh boy it was chilly up there tonight! Brrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr! Sy was in shorts – crazy boy. We went into the lounge and grabbed a seat. We ordered our drinks and some pretzels (cause it’s the law, you have to get them on every visit hehe).

We went outside to watch the fireworks 5 minutes before it started, we got a great spot. We periscoped it for those back home to watch 🙂

Wishes were on at 9pm so by the time we had finished our drinks and paid up it was 9:45. Back to akl and straight to bed 🙂

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