Our Very Merry 25 Nighter Nov/Dec 15 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Our Very Merry 24 Nighter Day 6

We woke up at 7am after a nice long sleep. As it was a nice day and we were up early we decided to change our horse and carriage ride booked for today to a few days later and head to Clearwater instead. I popped to the concierge desk and they changed it no problem.

We grabbed some breakfast and brought it back to the room as the lounge was busy again. We quickly munched our way through and got ready to go.

On the way to get the car I stopped by the shop in AKL, there’s a lovely lady who works there who I always chat to. Her name’s Gita, she’s from India originally I believe but she lived in the UK close to me for many years so we chatted once about that and she’s remembered me ever since, I always like to stop by and say hello. I had brought her over some chocolates so I wanted to give them to her. (I had tried a few times already but she hadn’t been working). Lovely Gita was so happy I brought her some of her favourites – bounty bars, I had just grabbed a selection but I’ll remember she likes those for the next trip 😉

I caught up with Sy at the car and we were on the road by 9:15.

The drive always tricks me, I feel like 1 hours 30 mins is gonna be wrong cause we get almost all the way there after about 45 mins, and then those last 45 mins on slow roads take FOREVER!

We eventually arrived at 10:50 and parked up in the marina, we were just in time for the first Little Toot ride of the day. However not enough time for me to visit a restroom first :-/ there is a little emergency toilet onboard but I held on haha

We had a lovely time on the boat though we didn’t see too many dolphins today, they were all feeding! Note to self, do a later tour in future 😉

Once we got off and I found a restroom we headed down pier 60. It was such a beautiful day. I was a little put off by the amount of seagulls, a poor girl tried to eat something and they properly attacked her 😐 eek! I mean yeah, don’t be silly and try eating with them all around… but even so she looked petrified lol.

We  then had a little paddle in the sea, it felt really chilly!

It was just after lunchtime now and breakfast felt like a looooooong time ago. We usually eat in Crabby Bill’s but we fancied trying somewhere new so we headed back to the car and had a look for somewhere good nearby, I got out my mobile and searched. I found a few nice looking places a little drive away so we hit the road and headed up the road.

On the drive over to Clearwater I chatted with Peter, the guy who created the Facebook group we help admin. Well he and his wife were on their way to Clearwater too! We had talked about meeting up but that was hours ago and we hadn’t heard from them since. Just as we found the place to go for lunch we ran into them. We decided to have lunch together 🙂

Lunch was super lush, really rated this place and will Definitely go back there. Blue Sky it was called. Server was lovely too. Our bill came to $38 inc tip so not too bad.

We grabbed a couple of pics outside in the massive chair, as you do… Haha

It was now 3pm and we decided to call Clearwater a day and make our way back to Disney. Took 2 hours getting back as we seemed to hit a lot of traffic. I may or may not have slept half the way back…. We had to stop for petrol (gas) on the way too.

Back at AKL we headed to our room as I wanted to wash my hair, it take a while cause I have soooo much hair. Just as I was finished with the hair we hitting appetiser time! Perfect timing eh 😉


That was a sausage casserole thing which Sy loved and a chicken dish served in a mini bread bowl.

They had some strawberry soup out too, they tried to pass it off as the same stuff served in 1900 park fare. Let me tell you, it was NOT the same stuff. Here’s a pic of me with it before I actually tasted….


See how happy I look? The excitement behind the eyes at some of that lovely strawberry soup… That is not the same look as was on my face afterwards!! I mean WTH? Why did they do this to me? Lying saying its the same stuff. Pffft!!! This had a load of basil in it! Why do Disney like putting strawberry and basil together??!! They did it in Palo on the Dream, delicious panne cotta dessert and then they go ahead and RUIN it with a strawberry and basil sorbet. Its yuk! Sort it out Disney hehehe

Feeling disgusted we decided to head back to the room for a bit, hung out for a while sitting on the balcony in the warm air, before we knew it, it was dessert time in the lounge! Hehehe

We watched some TV after and were in bed by 10pm. This was not the sort of Disney vacation we were used to, we spent a lot of time chilling out and relaxing!

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