Our Very Merry 25 Nighter Nov/Dec 15 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Our Very Merry 24 Nighter Day 8


Today was a sad day as we were checking out of Club Level, boohoo! Luckily though we were still staying in AKL but simply moving to a value room to save DVC points. We started to pack up our things, we had pretty much unpacked everything for our 24 night trip so there was a lot of stuff to pack lol. We took a break and went to get some breakfast in the lounge, it was pretty quiet in there compared to other mornings. They had cute little thanksgiving decorations out, a sparkly thing on each table and a few turkeys out under the TV.

Back in the room and back to the packing :-/ We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade on TV while we packed eeeek! Loved watched an American tradition! When we hit 10:45 we called down to ask for a bellman to help us with our luggage. We needed bell services to hold onto it for us as the room we were moving into wasn’t due to be ready until 4pm, the last guests had said on the online check in that they wouldn’t be checking out till 11am so we were prepared to have no room for a few hours, no biggie.

We went down to the front desk to check in and were told the room was already ready! Woohoo! We headed up to the room but our bands didn’t work. I decided to hang at the room with the stuff (we had packed a day bag as we didn’t think we would have a room for hours). Sy seemed to take absolutely aaaages lol. A guy came out of the room next door and stood chatting with me for a little bit which helped pass the time 🙂

Bands working Sy returns and we get into our new room. The value rooms are so called because they are slightly smaller being converted hotel rooms. Tbh I couldn’t tell the room was any smaller, the only real difference for me was that the bed was on the other side of the room next to the window with the sofa on the inside.

What an awesome view, thank you Andrea!

We unpacked our things and I did some washing. We then went for a quick swim and stopped by the club lounge on the way back, they had some special mini cakes out.


We got showered and ready for our thanksgiving meal at Carrie’s mum Betty’s, house. We could not WAIT to get there.

It was about 50 minute drive from AKL so we headed off at 3pm. We grabbed the little things we had brought over for Carrie and Mark and Betty for all the effort she had gone to.

Carrie was already at her mums when we arrived. Mark came a little while later with his sister and brother in law.

I took pictures of the amazing table.

Dinner was AMAZING. O.M.G.

We had turkey – naturally, ham, cheese grits, baked beans, green bean casserole, mash potato, stuff and a unique savoury pineapple thing – I was very dubious about that to begin with but it was a total star of the show!! There were home made bread rolls to go with dinner too. Yummy!

For dessert there was spiced cake or a rich chocolate cake. I went for a spiced cake, omg!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!

I couldn’t believe the amount of effort Betty had gone to, she’d been busy for 2 days straight to get everything sorted. We were completely blown away by it all.

We ate SO much food. I cannot even begin to put into words how much food we ate! I now know why in Friends Joey wears his special thanksgiving pants with the elasticated waist hahahaha. There was loads left too so we were lucky enough to be able to take loads of it back to the hotel with us and eat it over the next few days.

After dinner we sat round the table chatting, Carrie tried to pass off the turkey hat wearing as a Thanksgiving tradition hahaha but we all played along 😉 maybe it will be the beginning of a new tradition in their house? Hehe

What a good looking bunch we are eh?!

After dinner we gave Betty her presents which she loved, squee! I had some help from Carrie I must admit, I wanted to get her mum some things she would really love so I’d messaged Carrie in the run up to us coming over and she’d given me a few ideas. We got her some florentines from Fortnum and Mason, a grown up Christmas colouring book and a couple of other things.

We left at about 8:45pm and went with Carrie to Michaels to have a look at the Black Friday deals, it was pretty empty! I was imagining some scary scenes like from Walmart of Best Buy but I think there were about 10 people in the whole store, kinda felt cheated out of a true Black Friday sale haha, I guess people don’t get aggressive over pretty organza bows… I managed to avoid spending a huge amount of money but got a few things to work on 😉

We paid up and headed out to the car, we sorted out the meeting time for tomorrow as we were heading to Blue Springs and we then headed back to the hotel. Arriving at 11pm, going straight to bed 🙂

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