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The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16. Pre trip plan

The annual pass bonus trip
I can’t believe we are only a few days away from being in Disney! In 2 days we will be driving to Sy’s parents house to stay overnight before our flight Tuesday morning!
This trip came about last summer. We were sat in my mums house in the summer breeze, my mind was drifting to the place it always does… Florida! So I was surfing the Internet looking at deals to Florida (which happens more often than I would care to admit), when I noticed travel city direct (travel company) had some really cheap fly drive deals, flying on a Tuesday or Sunday it was £415 each for flight and a hire car! Wow. The annual pass that I hadn’t yet bought was already burning a hole in my pocket… Some sweet talking to Sy occurred and before you could say Mickey Mouse we’d booked! 2 weeks exactly to make the most of flying on the Tuesday – Tuesday but also due to Sy’s annual leave, he needs a lot of our October trip of 25 nights!
We started off by saying we would stay 1 week onsite with our DVC points and 1 week offsite in a budget hotel. Mainly because we are always borrowing points in and nearly running out. At 7 months I managed to book a week in a standard view room at the Boardwalk. We then decided to spend 2 nights at Vero beach with our points, we went for the cheapest room so it hardly cost us anymore points 😉 Which then left us with 5 nights at the beginning. Before we knew it we were booked into All Stars…
So that was us all set, 5 nights in All Stars, 2 nights vero and 7 nights Boardwalk. That’s how it stayed for quite some time too… Until about 6 weeks ago when netflights had a huge sale on Disney rooms. We swapped from all stars to Coronado Springs, it was about £20 more a night, so £100 for the 5 nights. We thought it was worth that. So much for a cheap week offsite before 1 week DVC hehehe.
As always, featured in this trip report will be me Robyn, and my hubster Sy, I think you know us by now so I’ll skip introductions. New on this trip will be a special appearance from our friend Ali who’s flying out the same day as us (but a different flight) and coming to Vero beach with us in the middle! She’s staying with friends for the first 5 nights and then in Pop after we return from Vero. She’s usually a solo traveller but I twisted her arm to come the same time as us 😉 she’s slightly scared of the weather as she normally travels nearer to Easter, but I keep telling her that’s the beauty of air con – if it gets too hot you go inside 😉
Here’s our plan as it stands right now, but you know us by now, it’s always up for interpretation

Flight from gatwick 11:15am

Pick up hire car

Check in to Coronado springs


MK open till 11pm

Periscope Past the cast!! 9:30pm!

(Maybe MK early for an hour or 2)

My French cafe with Vicki and Ali

Epcot afternoon/eve

Food from flower and garden maybe?

MK morning

Be our guest lunch 12:45

Meet allie and Amy at 2pm gaston tavern

MK evening (after a rest)


Dinner with Carrie and Mark Cecil’s

AK morning

HS evening

Club villain 9pm with Ali

Drive to Vero earlyish

Boardwalk cafe and ice cream

Havana nights piano bar

Bobbys is an option


Treasure coast boat trips

Pirate dinner 7pm

Leave vero

Check into Boardwalk

Lunch big river grille?

Epcot (EMH till 11pm)

Flower concert

HS may the 4th

Dapper Darlin’ event

Cinco de mayo

1.05pm afternoon tea beach club

Epcot (8am EMH, 9pm closing)

Dinner with Carrie and Mark?


Yak & yeti 4:45pm

Epcot morning

Garden grill 10:15am

MK afternoon


DVC brunch at contemporary 11am

AK afternoon

7pm Dinner with Its Orlando Time admin team at Longhorns (totwl after)


Raglan road 5.15pm with Randy and Marranda

MK evening


Fly home 😦 boohoo
Well I guess I better get on, 2 days to go and I’ve not packed a single thing! Oops!
Ttfn ❤


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