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The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 Highs and Lows

Highs and lows
Well we have been home almost a week and I’ve not really found the enthusiasm to write this. Not because the trip was awful – far from it! But because while I was away my brother was taken ill and died the day we flew home 😦 we also got bad news about my aunt’s cancer. Along with my other aunt who was told hers is terminal just before we went (admittedly I’m not as close to that one but still my only 2 aunts). Sy’s Nan died shortly before we went away and her partner also died while we were away. So I’m sure you can understand why it’s taken me till now to find the head space!

So tbh those are pretty much all the lows right there. A couple of other niggles but nothing I would call a low exactly.
Due to all the stuff going on back home we ended up cancelling a few of our adrs, including the beach club afternoon tea – I’m pretty gutted about that one tbh!

Another little low was understandably I was quite poorly while we were away, just stress related with everything going on. Meant I had to call it a day a few times on the trip.

We had a very meh meal at outback which was a shame. Food wasn’t cooked to order and server was a bit rubbish. My chicken was so over cooked I couldn’t cut it let alone chew it, but I didn’t send it back as we were in a rush. Just won’t go back there (other than to get a wallaby darned).

May the 4th weather was rubbish, it poured with rain all day and we froze, we were doing a dapper darlin event so we were all dressed up and freezing lol. But it meant TSM had just 10 mins wait and we rocked up for the Star Wars fireworks 5 mins before they started and got a great view, so every cloud has a silver lining!

Sy bought a DVC Magic band and it was damaged, it took a bit of hassle to get it sorted. They didn’t have anymore in the blue so he had to go back over to AK on the last day to get it. Not really a low but a little niggle.

That’s the low/niggles list. Now onto the highs.
There are so many!

Spending time with such lovely people, Vicki and Mark, Jackie, Carrie and Mark, Louis, Lea, Debbie and her family. Our American friends Lorraine, Liz and Nicole. Disney foodies Randy and Marranda. A special mention of course for Ali, we had such a great time hanging out together! Feel like I’m missing my right arm now we’re home and at opposite ends of the country 😦

Vero beach has gotta come pretty high in this list, I LOVED it there! It didn’t even matter that they were doing loads of work around the resort. It was stunning. I really cannot wait to go back there. I’m even toying with trying to fit it in when we go in October.

The pirate dinner at vero was very cute too, sad to hear it might be stopping. Goofy and Donald in their pirate outfits posing for pics and having a dance off! What’s not to love?

DVC Mother’s Day brunch, it was really good! I went not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Though the queue to meet the incredibles was crazy, 45 minutes :O poor frozone had no queue at all. Food was yummy too! The brunch led onto another special moment of the trip. We were told we could take the floral centrepiece from our table but knowing it would die we found a mother to give them to and wished them a happy Mother’s Day. I love spreading the joy. Later in the day I went to meet tigger and pooh and when I came out someone had tied a balloon to my scooter (it was a bad health day). It made me cry ❤ proof that karma does exist.

We had the BEST meet and greet with the Ugly Sisters. We were periscoping the meet and they went crazy for it! We must have been with them 10 minutes or longer, they were fabulous!

Club villain. I so hope they extend this. I didn’t eat anything cause there was nothing i could eat 😦 but it was still worth it. The Queen of Hearts was something special, she was horrified that I had a white rose in my hair hehehe. I didn’t realise there would be a bit of a show as well, the singer and dancers were very good 🙂

Our first MK day we were chatting with some manager type CM’s about what a great day we were having and they gave us some any use Fastpasses so we found some strangers and made their day by taking them on splash with us 🙂
Getting a dance with Pluto at Garden Grill. I told him he was my favourite and so he danced with me! It was so sweet ❤
Being the last people out of MK one night! We had gone into chat with Louis who was working at guest services and when we came out everyone else had left. Never been the last out before so it was pretty special.

Coronado springs, it was a lovely resort I’d have no problem staying there again. We even got 2 towel animals!!! :O DVC never get them…

The Boardwalk, it’s such a beautiful resort. Though I did miss staying at AKL, we went for a quick visit on our last day (as I didn’t feel like going to a park after the news) and it really felt like going home. All the VIP’s for the Invictus Games were staying at the Boardwalk so there was a real buzz around the place.

Getting a signed picture from David Doss! He’s a Disney artist who was meeting at the art of Disney store in Epcot. We have a few of his pictures, we both love his style. So I met him and bought another picture to have signed for Sy.

Meeting Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh! It was the little character spot between Canada and the UK that they sometimes open up. There were others there but all that I’d seen before so I ran to rabbit. We dug up some pretend carrots together.
The last night we stopped by the front desk to find out if we could get a late check out. We got talking with the 2 people behind the desk (it was late and no one else around) and I told them about my brother being in hospital and going to die, chatting about his children etc. The next morning we had a message on our phone saying Mickey had left something at the front desk for my niece and nephew. They had left them a plush Mickey and Minnie. As I mentioned that morning he did die so I sobbed when they gave them to me. It was so touching, and not at all expected.

The last high has got to be that we have only 150 days till the next trip in October! Yay!

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