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Annual Pass Bonus Trip. The Day Before 

Well I’ve toyed with not doing a trip report for this trip, I’ve gone back and fourth about it since I came back really. It didn’t feel right after what happened somehow, but then I thought what better way than to bring a bit of sunshine into a sad time than talking about our trip to WDW?

The day before
The day before was slightly more relaxed than usual in that Sy had taken the day off work. Usually we fly towards the end of the week with Sy working the day before we fly so I end up doing all the last min jobs that need doing (like last min packing, emptying the bins etc) but this time we were flying on a Tuesday as it was £50 each cheaper and after all, this trip was supposed to be a budget trip 😉
We were both up at 8am too excited to sleep. I even managed to have a shower and wash my hair (I never usually have time to wash my hair the day before, it’s a long process lol). We finished the packing and I snapped a quick picture of all the luggage…

Some of it was our overnight stuff for tonight and Sy’s work laptop but the rest is ours :-/ seems a lot seeing as most of our clothes were already in Orlando with Carrie and Mark!!
We did the last few bits of cleaning up before leaving our house at 2:15 with Tink in tow. We were dropping her at the cattery on the way. She was not impressed with us! She told us off all the way there lol.

(The wind noise was from me holding the camera right in front of the vent)
After dropping Tink off we popped into see my mum as she’s only round the corner. I take Tink quite a way from ours because the cattery came highly recommended and it’s half a mile from my parents so mum can go in and see her for us while we are away.
We left mum’s at 3:30 and made the journey round to Gatwick straight from there, we usually stop in at Sy’s parents first but we wanted to just get rid of the cases first. I had a look online and I thought it said we could drop the bags off 24 hours before the flight but I was wrong, it was only from 5pm. And there was already a queue! Never seen it so busy, clearly the trick is to go later in the evening. Twilight took ages cause there was a problem with our seats. We had booked and paid for seat plus, which is basically buying an extra seat in economy so you can spread out a bit. We had been booked into seats but they hadn’t blocked off the seat next to us so someone was sat in it. They did eventually move us to further back but because there was no manager there for twilight the girl couldn’t permanently block off the extra seat with us, this was a bit annoying! She did give us fast track security for the next day though which was nice of her. We finally left the airport at 5:50. I gave virgin a call from the car to explain the situation and that we were going to have the same problem coming home and they were able to completely block off the extra seats, phew. The ground staff in gatwick aren’t official virgin staff so there was only so much she could do.
Still smiling!

We made our way to Sy’s parents house which is about 15 mins away on the country roads. At theirs we printed off the last few things we needed, things we had forgotten at ours. Sy’s mum made dinner, we had roast chicken and veggies followed by fresh mango and mango sorbet, was yummy! We got an early night soon after finishing as we were having to be up earlier the next morning having been bumped from the later flight to the early one.
*not connected to this trip report but thought I’d share with you my current view while I’m writing this…

Pretty nice huh? It’s currently my last day in Cyprus where I’ve been for the week with my friend Jane. I’ll miss the pool and sunshine.

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