The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 3 MK

Woke up at 6:30 this morning and lay in bed for a bit, but by 7:50 we were up, dressed and leaving the hotel. We made our way over to McDonald’s for some breakfast. Egg mcmuffin for me without the egg (this always gives them a giggle! It still comes with ham and cheese which I like, I just don’t like the egg!), Sy went for his usual, sausage mcgriddle – he’s gutted we don’t get these at home. We went through the drive through and ate them in the car park. Weird concept really, getting drive through and then sitting in the car rather than just getting up and walking in! But that’s what we did.

We then drove over to the GF and valet parked.

We hopped on the monorail and we were in time to watch Rope Drop again!! Squeeeeeee! Can never see that show enough.

We were meeting Ali this morning so we didn’t want to go too far from Main Street before she arrived, so we decided to go for a ride on the old style double decker bus. This was a first for us. It’s really good! It’s a great perspective up there, you can see things in a whole new way. I personally loved the up close views of the Windows with everyone’s name on.

We waited at the other end of Main Street and then rode back down again on the old fashioned fire truck ❤ I got to ring the bell all the way down (much to the annoyance of everyone else on board haha).

When we arrived back down at the front Ali was just getting in the queue to meet Minnie Mouse so we went over to join her 🙂

We then went round to join the queue to meet Pluto. I do love Pluto. Sy was periscoping the meet and he just loved playing up for the camera!

We then managed to catch the Trolley show from in front of the Train Station.

It was soooo HOT today so we decided to go round on the train once for a bit of shade and breeze. Plus well, it’s fun to ride the train!

We got off again at Main Street and as we were walking out we got chatting to some CM’s who looked like they might be managers of some sort, they were asking how our day was etc. As we said goodbye they gave us 2 paper fastpasses, how nice of them! We decided we would go to ride Splash a little bit later and use one.
We started walking up Main Street and stopped to get some photopass pics.

Love this one, makes me laugh every time! Ali giving Sy an air kiss haha

We were all a bit parched so we decided to stop in Starbucks to get some drinks… This is where Sy turned into a teenage boy again… He had it in his head he wanted to try getting the Starbucks people to yell out a funny name. Being from the uk and having different slang words he decided he would try an unknown word in America. He went off to order his drink and told the girl who took his order his name was ‘Clungay’ which was a Dutch name… He even helped her spell it… C… L… U… N… G… Ë… Or for any Inbetweeners fans… Clunge. If you don’t know what that means, well I might suggest you search the urban dictionary.

Anyway Sy returns giggling to himself to wait for his name to be called, knowing full well they will take one look at the name and pronounce it Clunge. He turned his phone to video to relive the moment over afterwards and filmed the exact moment he’s called up to get his drink, even asking them to repeat the name! Back he comes again nearly wetting himself. Yes, that is my husband people. To be fair, Ali and I did do a fair bit of giggling afterwards (with him or at him, you decide!).

And here is the video. Skip to about 35seconds

Just as we were walking outside the move it shake it parade was coming past so of course we had to go watch and join in! And by we I mean Ali and I joined in, and Sy periscoped us dancing like fools…

All danced out we made out way over to Splash to cool down – dancing in Florida sunshine is hot work I’ll have you know 😉 The Fastpass we were given was for 5 guests so we hung about at the entrance for a few minutes till we found a couple about to join the line and asked them if they would like to join us in the Fastpass queue. They were really grateful – love spreading a bit of pixie dust!

Ali had never been on Splash, I’ve written in my notes ‘scared Ali to death’ hahaha poor Ali! I think she liked it still though…

Afterwards it was then time for some lunch, we had a reservation for Be Our Guest ❤ I do enjoy lunch here. Louis came to join us too which was lovely. Bit of a queue to pay (no queue if you pre-order so must remember that for future reference!). But we were soon finding somewhere to sit in the West Wing.
I went for the usual turkey sandwich, Sy went for steak sandwich and a Masters cupcake.

I took a bit ill at lunch 😦 Ali was due to leave MK after lunch so I asked her if she would drop me back at my hotel on her way while Sy and Louis had a bit of boy time in MK.

I had an hour sleep in the hotel which along with some tablets had me feeling much better. I watched some tv and had a shower just in time for Sy to arrive back at 6:30.

Sy and Louis had been off having fun in MK. They rode Carousel of Progress and the People mover, they also went to the Polynesian to have a dole whip! alright for some 😉 (I’m just jealous I had to miss out hehe)

We were heading out again at 7pm in search of some dinner. Everywhere had huge queues outside. We ended up driving all over and settling on chili’s at Lake Buena Vista.

Our server was such a sweetie and sooooooo camp. We decided to go for the 2 for $20 meal, we shared some Texas fries to start then Sy went for a bacon burger while I went for chicken fajitas. $32 inc tip. Not bad at all. The food was lush too!
I forgot to take a pic of our mains but here, drool over our starter…

We then made our way over to MK – we wanted to watch Wishes. We parked up and hopped on the monorail over. Ali was in MK too so we met up once inside.
It was almost time for the Main Street Electrical Parade so we found a spot on Main Street to watch it.

Pic of the infamous white rabbit… He didn’t fall over today 😉

Quickly popped into Guest services after to get Ali a new tables in wonderland card once the parade was over, and then it was time to find a spot to watch Wishes <3<3

We decided to go up to the Train Station and watch from there, it’s meant to be a good place to watch and as we haven’t ever watched from this spot we thought it would be a good place to try. We managed to get a really good view, right in the centre and only a couple of people in front of us. It was nice seeing it from up there but it’s definitely not my favourite place to see it from, mainly due to the lights staying on on Main Street and the music not being played up there (you could still hear it but it was much quieter). But it was nice to try it out!

Once it was finished we were totally shattered so we decided to head straight back to the hotel. We were tucked up in bed by 11:15

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