The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 4 Animal Kingdom

I was awake at 6:30 this morning. My mum had sent me a message and asked me to call her so I went outside the room to call and leave Sy sleeping. It was then I first got the news about my brother being taken ill, we didn’t know what he was ill with but that he was in intensive care after an ambulance being called to his home. They said the outlook wasn’t good, his organs weren’t working for themselves 😦

It wasn’t the best start to the day. Though it was pretty stunning outside.

I went back in and woke Sy up with the news. We decided not to rush out to a park this morning and instead messages Vicki and Ali to see if they wanted to meet for breakfast at Keke’s. We arranged to meet at 10 so in the mean time we had showers and I washed my hair before heading out.

We were a bit early so we could put our names down on the waiting list.

Ali, Vicki and Vicki’s son Finlay arrived just before we were called in. Perfect timing.
Breakfast was yummy! I had a waffle and loaded hash browns, oh man I wish I could eat them right now….

Sy went for eggs benedict, Ali had banana French toast and Vicki had stuffed French toast.

Our breakfast was $28. Not the cheapest but very nice. We left Keke’s, said goodbye to the others and made our way to Animal Kingdom.

It was sooooo hot today! We went to watch it’s tough to be a bug first to get out of the sun and into the aircon.

After we decided to make our way over to festival of the lion king, favourite show in Disney! We had time to stop for a frozen jungle juice on the way – there’s always time for a frozen jungle juice 😉 We still had a bit of time to kill so we watched the African band playing for a little while, loved watching the dancers getting all the little kids up to dance.

It was then time to make our way into the Lion King, we were first in line so we got a great viewing spot, sorry no pictures though! The show was of course amazing as always.

Afterwards it was time for our Fastpass for Kali. The Fastpass queue was 20 minutes long :O crazy! We lucked out and got a spot which didn’t get too wet, though I think in the current heat the wet might have been a welcomed relief. In fact it was so hot that we decided to call it a day after and head back to the hotel.

We stopped on the way for Sy to get some pictures of the new rivers of light area.

After being up so early this morning, I was feeling sleepy and had a 45 minute nap. Sy woke me up as we had to make our way out to dinner with Carrie and Mark. We were going to a bbq place called Cecil’s outside of the normal tourist spot. I hadn’t looked at the place online or anything, Carrie said they did chicken so I was good. I put the address in Google and off we went.

I was starting to panic when we got nearly there and the area wasn’t looking the best… But we pulled up and it looked good. Though I was a tad overdressed lol
The food was really, really good, and it looked a good price – though I can’t say exactly as Carrie and Mark paid for our dinner ❤

This is the place if anyone wants to visit

We stayed there chatting for hours till the place was pretty much empty. We said goodbye at 9pm.

We decided on a whim to go up to top of the world lounge for fireworks so we hot footed it over to Bay Lake Tower. There was no room inside at a table so we got a spot outside and waited for Wishes to start. For some reason Wishes was late tonight, and then when it did start there was no music! What?! We were a bit gutted honestly after rushing to get there. Ah well! Not like we haven’t seen it before 😉

We left bay lake tower at 10:30 and made our way back to the hotel, we were in bed by 11:30.

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