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Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 5 Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Woke up at 7am and saw that I had message from our friend Brian (who worked at the Animal Kingdom Lodge club lounge). He was working the day at the Boardwalk so we made plans to go over and see him first thing.

We got dressed and made our way over, valet parked and went in to find Brian ❤ he was working on the front desk so we found him right away. Cue lots of hugs! We caught up for about 15 minutes and we gave him the chocolates we had brought over for him, but we didn’t want to stay too long and get him into trouble for slacking off. I’m totally gutted that I forgot to get a pic 😭

We then made our way over to Epcot 😊

We did toy with breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery but the queue was mahooooosive so instead we decided to France.

The bakery was pretty empty inside.

I decided to get a croissant and a Demi pain. Sy went for a bacon and cheese pastry. We were served by a guy from Toulon, the place where I spent most of my childhood holidays! We chatted a little bit about his hometown and our shared love for it 💙

We then found a table and got our munch on… My croissant was pretty disappointing if I’m honest. I’ll skip that next time. However the bread was good and Sy enjoyed his.

Once finished we started on our way to the front of the park, stopping on the way for a few pics of the Flower and Garden festival while there was no one else around.

We met up with Ali at the Joy and Sadness meet and hopped in the queue. I had to take a pic of Ali’s top, perfect for the meet! Ali is a huge sadness fan and I’m a Joy fan, so I think we balance each other perfectly 😜

The queue took forEVER! Omg! It didn’t look long when we joined but it moved soooooooo slowly. I think we waited 45 minutes! But then it was our turn and it was amazing <3<3 Sadness loved Ali’s top. I told Joy that we were the real life Joy and Sadness which she loved. It was such a fun meet.

After the handlers dragged us away kicking and screaming like little children… We went across the room and joined the queue for Baymax which only took 5 minutes.

Sy was wearing the perfect tshirt for the occasion…

And seeing as Sy was wearing his special outfit Ali and I decided we would let him meet Baymax first…

Awwwwwwwwww ❤ ❤

They hugged, and hugged, and hugged. Sy tried to get away but Baymax wouldn’t let go! Eventually though we were allowed to come in for some pictures too. Ali got a bit cuddle happy and Baymax ended up wearing some make up 😱 poor Baymax had to have a baby wipe haha.

As we were right there, we popped across the walkway into Character Spot.

I have no idea what Minnie and I were talking about, but it looks animated haha.

Ali isn’t the biggest Epcot fan (I know, shock horror!) so other than the meet and greets, she’s not spent a whole load of time there, I was determined to make Ali love it lol.  It was hot out so we decided to do Ellen’s energy adventure (as Ali had never been on it) followed by Test track (another first for Ali – are you sensing a theme?).

We stopped to get some photopass pics. The lady was making us do fun things but she sounded like she couldn’t be any less excited to be at work if she tried hahaha.

We stopped to watch some of the Jaminators too.

While we were waiting for Test Track we were chatting with Vicki and we made plans to head over to Sweet Tomatoes for some lunch. Sy walked back through World Showcase to get the car and I went with Ali as she wasn’t sure of the way. On the way out however I spotted a sign at the Art of Disney shop saying David Doss was in there signing his pictures 😱O.M.G. He is our favourite Disney artist, we have a few pictures of his hanging in our beachy themed bathroom. Of course we had to go inside and take a sneak peek… Ali had 2 pictures signed and I bought another picture and had it signed to Sy.

David also graciously posed for a pic with us. He seemed genuinely pleased when I told his that we already had some of his pictures.

We then rushed over to Sweet Tomatoes arriving only a few minutes late… Vicki and the kids were already waiting for us along with Sy…. Oops!

Lunch was sooo yummy. I do love a sweet tomatoes. And a bargain. We stayed for quite a while just chatting, before heading back to our hotel to swim and do some packing – tomorrow we would be heading to Vero Beach!

We had another friend waiting for us in our room when we got back…

How cute is that?! We now had a boy and a girl 😂

The wifi in our room had been unusable and we had raised it a few times with Disney, not long after we returned to the room an engineer arrived to have another go at fixing it, which was great but it meant we couldn’t really get on with the packing… Nor could we get changed into our swimwear 🙈

After he left we were able to get changed and go for a swim. I went over to the main pool first but omg it was sooooo busy. I lay down on one of the only spare loungers I could find, Sy was meant to be coming to find me but after about 10 minutes I’d already given up with the main pool and walked back over to the quiet pool by our room.

We only had time for a super quick dip to cool down and then had to back up to the room to change. We had somewhere special to go tonight… We were heading to Club Villain!! Woohoo!!! Once dressed we made our way to the bus stop, Club Villain is a free bar so in case we wanted a few drinks we thought we better get the bus 😉 we didn’t have long to wait at all.

Bus selfie!

We arrived at Hollywood Studios in no time. We had a Fastpass for the Great Movie Ride so we went there first, it was our first time since the new additions – I wasn’t convinced lol but then maybe it’s just cause I hate change?! Haha! Great Movie Ride is a huge favourite of mine so maybe I just don’t want it messed with 😜
We still had a bit of time to kill so we went to watch the Muppet show, a classic!

It was then time to meet up with Ali and head into Club Villain! Squeeeeeee!
I Must start by saying, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do club villain, it’s an awful lot of money for me to not eat any of the food and hardly drink. Sy wanted to do it and Ali so I went along with it, and my goodness I am SO glad I did. I really enjoyed the whole evening.

We checked in about half an hour early and were given welcome drinks and our official invitations with our set times to meet the characters (to avoid big queues). There were standing tables set up but we went for one of the benches off to one side to get a seat.

They invited everyone in 10 minutes early, we found our table was right in the middle so we had a great view of the stage and dance floor. The food was out already so I went round taking pictures of everything.

Ali knew to go round all the different thrones to get pictures sat in the empty seats so we did that before eating.

Each villain had their own signature cocktail, and there was a normal fairly well stocked bar. There were also cans of soft drinks so you could help yourself. I actually didn’t feel 100% so I decided not to drink, we tried one of each cocktail though, some were nicer than others.

As I expected, I didn’t enjoy any of the food. I couldn’t eat any of the savoury dishes (I did try the gumbo till I realised it had something in it I couldn’t have) and the desserts were very sweet, I just didn’t enjoy them. Sy loved it all though so that was good.

When we sat down to eat the show started, I didn’t know there would be a show element to the party, so I was pleasantly surprised. It was very, very good as well. It was a singer (Kanzo), dancers and Dr Facilier. They introduced the Villains to come out to sit in their thrones for the meets.

We joined the queue for Cruella De Vil first, she was very fun.

Maleficent was definitely a more serious affair. She made us stand all serious for the pictures lol

Later on we met the Queen of Hearts who was AMAZING! Her queue was soooo long but that’s cause she was taking her time with everyone. She’s one of the best meets I’ve ever had, and that’s even with her going crazy at me for having a white rose in my hair and shunning me out of the pictures 😂😂 she took a real shine so Sy though 😜

Last up was the Evil Queen, she was very serious again, though we shared a moment in that I don’t really like Snow White either – she’s too vacuous for me 🙈 She appreciated that I didn’t like her haha. Ali said she didn’t trust her as she lived with so many men! Hussy! Hahahaha!

The whole feel of the night was very adult. There were a couple of kids but 95% over 21’s. People were dressed up, I almost felt under dressed! I see they have added dates for while we are there in October… I’d be lying if I said I wasnt tempted – it really was that good! But it’s a lot of money for somewhere that I’m not going to drink much or eat. But who knows, if we come into some money between now and then, maybe I’ll book it 😜

Couple more pics from the evening

The party finished at 11:15 (slightly later than scheduled) so we made our way back out of an empty park. We stopped on the way to get a couple of pictures while it was empty.

When we got out to the bus station we were asked where we were going and then taken to a bus who took us and one other family back to Coronado. What service eh? He even asked which stop so he could go straight there.

We walked back to our room and then stumbled on the hammocks by the beach. We decided to sit for a bit star gazing. It was the perfect end to a lovely evening ❤

Back in the room we packed up most of our things and we were in bed by 12:30am.

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  1. I think I remember the Periscope of Club Villain – it was one of the first times I found you on Periscope and you guys were having so much fun! I love your blogs because they have so much detail and pics of food! Well done😄

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