The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 6 Vero Beach

Vero beach day!

Woke up with the alarm at 7:30 and finished up packing. We called down to Bell Services to ask them to transfer 2 bags over to the Boardwalk ready for us to arrive in 2 days time, the guy was there in no time at all.

Over the last few days we had been chatting with another family who was also staying at Coronado Springs (they are members of the facebook group we help manage – it’s Orlando Time). Well we found out as we were about to leave that they were in the room right next door! Small world! So of course we grabbed a quick pic together before we left.

We were finally leaving Coronado Springs at 9:25 and heading over to pick up Ali from the Disney car centre where she was ditching her car that she had used all of about twice 😂😂

We were on the road within minutes! Woohoo!

We stopped to get a McDonald’s breakfast on the way – breakfast of champions right?! Any reason Sy can pull to get another McGriddle, today’s was ‘well we need to get on the road so I think we should get a McDonald’s’ hahaha. He got his McGriddle inside him and he was a happy driver.

The car journey there was pretty uneventful, we came off of the highway a little early so we could drive along the coast road. It took about 2 & 1/2 hours in total by the time we stopped for breakfast, gas and drove some of the way along the coast.

Some pics of the road trip.

Of course we were earlier than the normal check in time but luckily for us our rooms were ready!

We got first visit pins as it was our first time to Vero Beach which was cute.
We were in the main building in a ‘garden view’ room which was actually just a car park view. We had connecting rooms though which was brilliant.

Loving the cute elevator arms

I went around taking a million pics, the newly refurbished rooms were beautiful ❤

We unpacked what we had brought with us and then popped out to find some lunch, I’d been looking online and found a highly rated place by the beach so we went off in search of it.

I must say, when we arrived I was a bit worried – it was really manky looking. We went in gingerly, ordered at the bar and sat at one of the tables. (It looks nicer in the pic than it did in real life lol)

Still can’t beat that view though….

The girl who took our order was so friendly, she mad over to chat with us. The food came and we were in agreement that it was the best food we had eaten all trip! And since coming home I still stand by that statement! I had home made nachos, Sy had a shrimp po boy and Ali had chicken tenders and fries.

We chatted some more with the girl there and told her how much we enjoyed the food, we were debating going back the next day but she told us it was their last day of opening! Noooooo! She was taking the food to the road in a food truck.

Afterwards we popped in next door for an ice cream and sat outside in the warm Florida sunshine.

We walked over the street to take some pics of the beautiful beach.

We then made our way back to the hotel for a swim. I was even brave enough for a trip down the slide 😂🙈

Back in the room we showered and got dressed for dinner. We decided to head into Vero to Sonny’s BBQ.

We arrived at about 8pm and were some of the last people in there, clearly Vero is a place where people are up early and in bed early. We were very much the novelty tourists in there, with the waitresses telling us how much they loved our accents haha

The food was really good, and again we got some of the massive glasses haha
We paid the bill and I think were the very last ones to leave at about 9pm.

We were right nextdoor to a Walmart so we decided to pop inside for some supplies. We got few things like drinks, stuff to take home, and some noodles for the pool.

Ali went to one check out next to Sy and I, and as we were walking out Ali was in fits of laughter. The lady on the check out was blown away by Ali’s accent! She had complimented Ali on her dress and when Ali said thank you her words were ‘What you sayin’? is that your real accent?’ She couldn’t believe that Ali’s Scottish accent was real Hahahaha. I guess we really were outside of the tourist area! At first when Ali told me I thought she meant the kids who had been in the queue ahead of us, that was funny enough but when she said no it was the check out girl we fell about in fits of laughter hehehehe.

We drove back to our hotel and decided to pop into the bar for a drink.
Sy went for his old favourite – Long Island iced tea. I had a strawberry daiquiri and Ali went for a blue glowtini.

We only stayed for 1 drink, think the early morning was catching up with us! We paid up and made our way to bed, hopping in around 11:30. I was beginning to fall a little bit in love with Vero Beach.

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