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The Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 7 Vero Beach

So my notes for today say ‘Vero’. Just that one word 🙈 oh dear! Come on memory… Don’t fail me now!

We were up and out at about 9 (I think), heading into Vero for breakfast. I’d found a highly rated place on Trip Advisor called the Lemon Tree. Ali described it as the old peoples breakfast hahaha! It’s totally accurate though, we were some of the youngest in there, it was decorated for the older generation – not in a bad way though. And the food. Omg the food! I could see why this place had such high ratings and a queue out of the door! Luckily when we arrived there wasn’t a wait but it built while we were there. It was pretty reasonably priced from what I remember too 😊

We popped to the outlets which were about 10 minutes drive away, I couldn’t be that near an outlet and not go in naturally 😉 Wow this was a different experience to Orlando! It was almost empty! We mooched for a an hour or so, got a couple of bits in Ralph Lauren (some palazzo pants for me and a couple of shirts for Sy) before making our way back to the hotel.

Found this in Crackerbarrel, wish I’d bought it!

Back in the room we got changed and headed down to the pool… Only to get there in time for them to close it due to a storm coming in. I looked up at the sky. Nope not a single cloud. None in the distance even. I know they close it when there’s a storm within a certain distance but it was a little frustrating when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, nor did one ever appear. It’s for everyone’s safety though so shouldn’t really complain… I’m just grumbling and being a grouch.

We walked back up to the room deciding to have a nap instead…. We lasted for about 20 minutes before I was ready to kill someone. They were laying carpet above! Bang bang bang…. So we decided to chance the pool again while I still had my sanity.

In the mean time I’d got some washing ready and went to find some machines on route to the pool. I went to the front desk to find out where they were and was told that all the main building machines were out of use as there was work going on on the top floor. So I had to go to one of the outer buildings and they only had 1 machine! Gah! That was super annoying only being able to do one wash at a time.

Pool was open again so I was swimming/sun bathing in half hour stints between going back to change loads in the washing machine.

I did find time to buy us a dole whip each. It was Ali’s first ever :O omg! How has Ali in all of her many trips to Walt Disney World never had a Dole Whip? It was a hit though so that’s good 🙂 it might have taken Ali a while to have her first one but I don’t think it will be her last! It was a refreshing change not to have to queue up for it too.

As the sun started to make its way down Sy and I went for a quick walk along the beach as we hadn’t stepped foot on there yet. It was so peaceful – there was pretty much no one else around. It was totally picturesque. We spent a little time walking along and watching the little birds chasing in and out as the waves came in. Was just like the short ‘Piper’ from Finding Dory!

Sy decided to be a cutie and write a note in the sand.

We then made our way back to the room to get ready for dinner. Tonight was a very special dinner… Pirate dinner with Goofy and Donald!

There’s not much written about this online but what I could gather was that it was a bit like hoop de doo food, served family style. I was right about the style of food but wrong about the way it was served, they had changed it to a buffet. There were only 4 tables in there including us and one table of cast members! I’m guessing this might be why it’s been cancelled now… (Sob!).

We were given bandanas and beads to wear, the waiters were all dressed up too.

Sy looks like a reject from a crap rock band hahahaha

There were table decorations as well as wall hangings and a DJ blaring out Piratey music.

It lacked a little atmosphere to begin with but it got better as soon as the Cast Members got going, the 2 cm running the night were ‘Sally Sealegs’ and ‘Captain Nobeard’. They were fab! They were playing with the kids, teaching them to speak pirate and play games. Poor Captain could have done with some parental help at one point when there were a couple of kids using him as sword practice hehe. There’s only so many times you can say ‘gently’, ‘enough now’ and ‘that’s hurting me’ 😧

The food was very okay, it wasn’t very hot but there was a lot of it. They went for quantity over quality I fear, but I found enough to eat so that was fine.

Once we were fed Goofy and Donald came out to pose for pictures, they really could have done with some better lighting here or a photographer. The pictures came out terribly! Here are the best ones…

Afterwards the guys stayed around for a dance! Goofy could really throw some shapes.

Here’s a screen grab from my 18 minute long video, Goofy doing the skanky leg…

​The evening started to wrap up and we were the last table to leave before the table of staff. We sat chatting with Sally for a while, she was telling us about how much she loves working there and that she’s actually getting married there and honeymooning in Hawaii when we are planning to be there next September. Who knows maybe we will see her?! Will we recognise her without her pirate outfit I wonder? Hehe

We weren’t quite ready for bed so we went up to the bar and got another cocktail each. It had been a big day back home for the Facebook page we manage, we had hit 50,000 members! So of course we had to get a cocktail to celebrate #anyexcuse

We sat out on the balcony, but of course it was dark so we could hear the waves but couldn’t see them. It was a gorgeous evening.

I really did fall a little bit in love with Vero Beach ❤️

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