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Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 8 bye-bye Vero, hello Boardwalk

Today was a sad day…. We were leaving Vero ☹️ boohoo

Side note, I didn’t take a single note from here out so the rest of the trip will be done from memory and pictures to jog it haha. I hope it’s still fun to read!

This morning we decided not to rush off early as we didn’t know when we would get back here, so we leisurely packed and went downstairs for some breakfast in Shutters. Sy took aaaaaaaaaaaaages to get ready so Ali and I went ahead and even ordered without him… Well that’s what you get when you take forever to get ready 😡 (story of my life waiting for Sy to be ready for stuff! Honestly, I tell him we need to be places half hour early when we are at home so that he gets sorted in time – he was running into the church when he heard the horses on the street with me arriving at our wedding!).

Anyway, I couldn’t stay mad for too long – who could stay mad in a beautiful place like Vero?!
We ordered from our super cute waitress (who must have been about 80), I went for French toast made without cinnamon – I know I’m weird but I really don’t like cinnamon! Ali had the same thing – she is also weird and doesn’t like cinnamon 😂

Sy went for corned beef hash.

How cute is the butter?

We were given maple syrup, a pineapple and orange marmalade and some honey butter…

We could use our tables in wonderland to get 20% discount in here which was fab.

I took a couple of pictures around the hotel.

We packed up the last of our things and made our way to check out 😔 sad times!

We stopped by the lounge we had drinks in the last 2 nights so we could get a view of the sea without it being pitch black.

The pics didn’t really come out of us but a lady at a table there offered to take a picture and we didn’t want to be rude and say thanks but no thanks.

We then hit the road. We drove straight onto the highway to get back to Disney as soon as possible! Ali and I both napped on the drive. Only a few days earlier I had been telling Ali about the car that looks like a mouse and we saw it on the way back!

Gotta love seeing that sign again! Takes the edge off having to leave Vero 😉

We made our way over to Boardwalk first, we were checking into a standard view studio for a week. As the rooms had just been refurbished Ali decided to come with us and have a look. She’s decided that she’s a deluxe person trapped in a value budget 😂 but hey, if it means you can afford to go to Disney at least twice per year I’d take value over deluxe!

We took Ali over to Pop Century so she could check in and then made our way back to the Boardwalk.

We got changed and made our way down to the boardwalk area. Stopped on the way to snap this pic.

We watched some of the performers down at the boardwalk for a while.

Look at the beautiful sunset ❤

We then made our way over to the international gateway and into Epcot.

Tonight’s munchies were from the flower and garden festival booths.

I was a bit rubbish at taking pictures, I did remember this one of Sy’s bratwurst. He said it was yummy!

I snapped this pic while we were heading round World Showcase. So pretty ❤

I got some spring rolls from China and bumped into Amy who was there buying some of the candied strawberries. Amy and I are Facebook friends – we met on Walt Disney World For Grown Ups! We were hoping to bump into each other, we had messaged on facebook and we were both heading the right way around world showcase, we had said what we were each wearing so we knew what to look out for hehehe. Amy had left her mum in a spot ready to watch Illuminations so we went back with Amy and stayed to watch it with them. It was a while off so we had a good old chat while we waited. It was SO lovely to finally meet!!!!

Amy is amazing and remembered to make sure we got a picture.

Illuminations was good as always – still not quite Wishes 😜

It was extra magic hours tonight, we had hoped we could eat some more from the booths but they had all closed up – clearly they weren’t staying open late. So we said goodbye to Amy and her mum and made our way back through the international gateway. We planned to go into Big River Grille at some point while we were staying at the Boardwalk and with the food booths closing and scuppering our plans to eat there, tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity. We went in and sat down while perusing the menu, I started to feel a bit icky though so we decided to order take out to the room instead, Sy waited for it while I went on ahead. I got the nachos while Sy had a burger. It was pretty good, and not bad for the price. I’m sure we will eat here again when staying at the boardwalk.

We then decided to get into bed and get some sleep. It was about 11:30 by this point so we were ready to head to the land of nod.

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