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Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 9 May the 4th Be With You

BANG!!! CRASH!!! Sy was up and out of bed with his shorts on before he knew what had happened or what was going on. I looked at the clock, 7am.

Waking up to a loud bang isn’t the most pleasant way to wake up. And what was it that woke us up so rudely? It was a huge storm going on over us – I think it was the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. You know it was loud as Sy was up and out of bed so quickly, usually I have to prod and poke him for ages before he wakes up 😂 I love that he put his shorts on over his pyjama shorts though 😂😂 autopilot!

Today was May the 4th. And to celebrate May the 4th be with you… We were attending a dapper event at Hollywood Studios. Only, remember what woke us up? Oh no ☹️ and it wasn’t the typical Florida storm with warm rain… It was COLD. Humph. I’d made us special outfits and we were meeting lots of people there so we decided a bit of rain wasn’t going to put us off… And off we went!

It was empty down at the Boardwalk. Not a single other person waiting for a boat – sounds like heaven but really all that means is that it really was that cold and miserable that no one else was as stupid as us lol

The boat was empty of course and we arrived without sinking which was no mean feat in this rain.

We were a bit late for a big meet with some of the characters inside launch bay so we waited around inside until we saw them coming out.

We tried to get some pictures but the rain wasn’t being very helpful. In the mean time Jackie arrived so we had hugs all around!

We managed to get a couple of pics with umbrellas. And then we moved to get some more. The plan had been to march with the storm troopers but with the rain as it was, they weren’t allowed to come out. So instead we did a lot of hanging around. It gave us chance to chat to Jackie though which was good.

We were seriously cold and wet so we decided we would head out of the park for a few hours and come back later when hopefully the rain would be gone.

On our way out we bumped into the friends we met at the last dapper event, Lorraine, Liz and Nicola so we stopped for pics and a quick hello. We then also found Lea so we got a couple more pics (any excuse for a picture).

We then made our way out to the boat, Jackie came with us and we made some plans on the fly with Ali and Louis as well to go for lunch and then a trip to the Cast Member shop. We stopped in our room to quickly get changed and put on some dry clothes and leave out dapper outfits hanging to dry, before heading to pick up Ali and then Louis.

In the car we decided on Chili’s for lunch. The guy who served us was actually a Cast Member as well. He was a real cutie.
The food was yummy as it always is there.

We paid up and drove over to cast member connections.

Yes you could buy that Tiana dress/model/thing!

We each bought a few things, I got some of the Christmas drinks cups for my niece and next door neighbours little girls – I didn’t realise they were Christmas ones till after I got home and my niece told me lol.

We then made our way to Disney Springs for a wander around. Jackie was staying at Saratoga so we parked up right by her room (Disney springs end) and made our way in.

More shopping was done (don’t think about the creditcard statement till you get home Sy!)

We then made our way back to the car. Jackie left us for now to do some packing and we took Louis back home as he had a shift in Magic Kingdom to get ready for. Ali came with us back to Hollywood studios via a quick stop in the hotel room to change back into our marginally less wet clothes from earlier.

First stop was the Star Wars Launch Bay again, and this time we were meeting Chewbacca and Kilo Ren. We went to meet Kilo first, he took a real shine to Ali – ali wasn’t at all sure though as I felt this tugging on my skirt and heard subliminal help me pleas. I think her face says it all….

We then went to meet Chewie. He was very cute and friendly – the total opposite of Kilo.

We went to meet Olaf, as none of us had ever met him before. The queue was fast moving but the reason for that was because he posed for one pic and the we were shooed out the door by the handler ☹️

We met up with Liz, Nicole and Lorraine again outside Olaf and stood chatting for a while trying to avoid getting too wet (it was hammering down now). We even managed to get a picture.

We got a few photopass pics while we waited for the rain to pass

We did something else I’m sure, it might have been Muppets but my lack of notes are coming back to bite me! We then made our way to meet Woody and Buzz. We got in the queue as it looked tiny but we stood there for 15 minutes not moving so we gave up and went outside to Toy Story Mania as it had a 10 min queue! Yes people. That was the silver lining of the ever flowing rain! It was still raining by the way, it hadn’t really stopped all day 😔 boo! Never have I ever heard of toy story mania with so little wait time. The cast members were shouting it out to people like they couldn’t believe it either!

This was the point in which we reached the end of the queue. Pretty amazing huh?

I won against Ali and got a kitty, but Sy won over all! #menhaveanadvantageonthisride

We then made our way over to Fantasmic as it had *finally* stopped raining! Wooooooo!

Fantasmic was empty, they weren’t even filling one half of the stadium. It was crazy – I’ve never seen it so empty!

We met the nicest Cast Member while we were waiting. We were on the back row by the end where she was monitoring the dining packages. She was so sweet I gave her one of the little cards I’d made up*. She was so happy and cried and showed all the other cast members who were working nearby. I got a warm squishy feeling in my tummy!

*not sure if I’d said before but I’d made up cards to give out to cast members who made our day. They had a picture of Squirt from Finding Nemo and said ‘thanks for making our trip totally sweet’.

Fantasmic was great! And the rain held off – woohoo!

We then made our way back to the Chinese Theatre to get a spot for the Star Wars fireworks. This was another silver lining of the day, we rocked up 10 minutes before they were due to start and got a great spot front and centre.

The fireworks. Wow. Just wow. I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I was seriously blown away!

It was then time to leave the park as it was closing time. Only problem was – we weren’t ready for bed and Jackie was at Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours! So of course we went to see her 😍 via both hotels for some dry clothes, I grabbed a hoodie as well as I was cold, and Ali changed her shoes as they were soaked through.

Magic kingdom at night is something special. Especially on a night like this, the rain hadn’t just kept people away in Hollywood studios… Magic kingdom was empty too. We met up with Jackie at the front of the park and then skipped around like children riding soooo many rides! We went on the Carousel, it’s a small world, Dumbo (twice without getting off), Peter Pan to name a few.

It was then time for the park to close 😦 We stopped to get a few pictures on the way out.

We caught the kiss goodnight while on Main Street. We stopped in to see Louis in Guest Relations and chatted to him and a few of his work friends. When we walked back outside we realised that we were among the last people to leave the park!
We stopped to get a few pictures and the other people disappeared off making us the last ones to leave! It was pretty cool getting pictures on the empty Main Street.

Sy decided he needed food but I was totally shattered so Ali, Jackie and I all headed for the buses while Sy went back to the car and in search of food. There were rows of empty buses there ready to take guests back to their resorts, so we all got on our own personal buses! This would be the last time we would see Jackie before she went home so we had loads of hugs – we really had the best day and we’re all sad it was over. We then all got on our respective buses, my bus driver saw the hugs and held out his arms for one, and as I’m never one to turn down a free hug – we had hugs too! Hahaha it was so cute! (My one final note of the trip said ‘hugs all round at the end of the night, including the bus driver David).

I chatted with David all the way back and wished him a good night when I hopped off at the Boardwalk.

They were doing work in the hotel, clearly trying to keep it to night time to keep it looking good in the daytime!

Back in the room I got ready for bed and hopped in just as Sy arrived back. Sy ate his food while watching tv and I crashed out as it was now 2:30am! 7am was a looooong time ago!


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