The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 12 Epcot and Animal Kingdom 

We had a bit of a lay in this morning after the massively long day yesterday. We had brunch at the Garden Grill with Ali at 11am so we got ready and made our way into Epcot at around 10am.

Ali was heading to meet Joy and Sadness so I went to meet up with her while Sy went off to find a restroom.

With Sy back we went to meet Baymax. Ali and I went to meet him first so Sy and Baymax could get a bit of one on one time 😜


Afterwards we popped to get our annual pass pictures for the Flower and Garden Festival. We chatted away to the cast members in there about having April’s and now May’s pictures but missed out on March, well they had some left overs and offered them to us! How sweet was that? Love a bit of Disney magic ❤️

It was then time to head into Garden Grill for brunch with Chip and Dale. We checked in inside the land pavilion and had to wait a while before being given a table, very weird as the place was almost completely empty. Breakfast was good, as soon as we sat down all the characters came around at once – we realised after that this was because we were the last table and they were all finishing, there goes the hope that they might come round twice! But they were sooooooo cute with us because they had a little more time.

First up was farmer Mickey.

Pluto was very pleased when I told him he was my favourite, he was so excited he decided to take me for a dance 😂🙈 luckily for me Ali and Sy were too slow with the video (phew!) but they did manage to snap a few pictures.

Ali was wearing her Chip and Dale custom ears, they went down a storm with the guys who came round next.

Pluto was definitely the star of the show today. Even our waitress was having fun with him making him chase his tail round in circles.

Speaking of our waitress, although she was really friendly we could totally tell she was at the end of her shift, she told us there was no bread left and tried to talk us out of waiting on some to be cooked. She said it would be 20 minutes which we said was fine as Sy was looking forward to it. But she then brought some out a couple of minutes later, but instead of it being in one piece like all of the other pictures I’d seen it was in pieces put in the one bowl. Something didn’t sit right with me about that, suddenly they had some but it was all pieces rather than one whole bread. Hmmm. She also didn’t replenish our food which was served family style. Saying that the characters had made our meal and I’d still go back… I’d just go earlier!

Before we left we had a good look inside parts of the Living with the Land ride.

Back outside we went for a look inside the butterfly garden.

We were feeling a bit parched so we decided to grab a Tiki Torch from the Flower and Garden festival booth.

We happened to see Daisy was out meeting so we decided to get in line. I managed to finish my drink in record time while we waited but Ali was way behind 😂

We met up with Sy at Test Track but the Fastpass queue was mahoosive so we decided to skip it and head out the park.

Next park of the day was Animal Kingdom! Sy had gone back to the hotel to grab the car while Ali and I slummed it on the bus 🚌

Ali went to meet up with Dug and Russell while we went to ride Dinosaur – I just love that ride.

Once we were all finished we went to meet Pocahontas, we just happened to be walking past and she had very little wait so we made our way in.

She detected our accents and commented on how long it must have taken to get there by boat 😉 we played along got a little bit before giving in and explaining we had flown on a plane… Which led to us explaining what a plane was 🙈 Simon described it as a flying canoe 😂

We then make our way over to Kali river rapids, another favourite of mine. Ali hadn’t been on it before, I did warn her that some people get soaked while others stay relatively dry and she was riding at her own risk 😂 poor Ali got a little damp.

We decided to head up to rafiki’s planet watch afterwards to try meeting some characters.

First up was another meet with Chip and Dale. The boys went totally crazy this time over Ali’s ears. They took them off her and wouldn’t give them back, Chip was trying to wear the ears like a bow tie while Dale was trying to eat the peanuts that were on the bow! And they were asking which was her favourite! 😮 of course she said she loved them both equally 😜 they were so much fun.

We made our way inside and managed to meet the man himself Rafiki.

Back on the train and off to see Festival of the Lion King.

Sy grabbed a frozen jungle juice on the way in.

A firm favourite. Always seems to be someone chopping onions in there – makes my eyes a bit leaky 😉

Then it was time for our last Fastpass of the day, the Safari. As we were nearing the end of the day and it had cooled down, the animals were really active. I got some great pictures.

Time had got away from us a little bit so we had to make a mad dash out of the park and back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Tonight we were heading to the Outback at Vineland with Vicki and Mark.
The food was a bit disappointing if I’m honest, and the service was even worse. My chicken was so overcooked my knife wouldn’t cut through it, Ali’s steak hadn’t been cooked to order either. Sadly though we were up against the time so we didn’t have time to have them remade.

Our server kept asking us if we were going to order dessert, even before our mains had been brought out – he asked 3 times even though we said we would decide once we had actually eaten our mains. He clearly wanted to drop off our check and get us paid up and out of there.
We did actually say no to the desserts as we were heading up to the Top of the World lounge tonight for 7 layer chocolate cake. We were meeting up with my friend from back home Debbie and her family.

We were also meeting up with Lea who was out on a last minute solo trip. We had met up with Lea quite a few times on our last trip. There was quite the crowd of us! Luckily the bar was pretty quiet so it wasn’t a problem.

We got there just before the fireworks started so we stood outside catching up for a few minutes and then watched the show.

Firework selfie!

Debbie and her family didn’t stay for long afterwards as they have a little one, we did manage to get a quick picture before they left.

Her little boy had been terrified of the fireworks they’d seen so far from the parks, we were hoping as they were far away he would enjoy them more from up at the lounge – and he did! He still talks about it now too ❤️ such a sweetie. It was so lovely seeing Debbie albeit for a short time, we been friends for years now. I actually bought my vow renewal dress from her wedding dress shop. We had lots of hugs and then said goodbye.

We were in no rush to leave yet though – erm hello, there was chocolate cake calling our names! We grabbed a table inside and ordered some cocktails, pretzel bread and of course plenty of cake 😜
Our cocktails. I can’t remember what everyone else ordered but I went for a strawberry daiquiri. I love a frozen cocktail me 😍

Our pretzels and cake arrived sooner after. Sadly the pretzel bread has now changed since the last time we had it 😕 it doesn’t come with the yummy dips anymore and I wasn’t a fan of the new one. I probably won’t order it again 😢 #gutted

Vicki let Ali have a taste of her cake…

Not wanting Lea to be left out I gave her a taste too…

What can I say? The cocktails were clearly going to our heads 🙈

We did our best Cinderella impressions and at midnight we made our way out to the cars which thankfully hadn’t yet turned into pumpkins 😂 We said goodbye to Vicki and Mark outside and gave Lea and Ali a lift back to their hotels before heading back to the Boardwalk.
Finally in bed for 1:30am 😴

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