The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 13 DVC Mother’s Day Brunch and MK

This morning was Mother’s Day in America and to celebrate we were off to the DVC Mother’s Day brunch. We’ve never been to a DVC event before so we didn’t really know what to expect. Ali was also coming with us 😊 poor Ali was supposed to be on a solo trip 🙈 I’m sure she was sick of the sight of us by now lol.

We picked up Ali and drove over to the Contemporary resort where the event was being held in the convention centre.

We didn’t know where to go but they had cast members situated all over ready to direct us which was really handy.

Outside there was a table of chocolates

The event was really cool, it was Incredibles themed with special meet and greets with the characters. We had our own table which we were shown to as soon as we’d met our first characters.

We each had our own Incredibles mask. They were not a good look 😂

There was a guitar player walking around doing funny little skits and over to one side there was a presenter talking to different guests and broadcasting it on the big screen.

There were lots of different food stations with different brunch offerings. Here’s a selection of what was on offer…

There were also free mimosa brought to your table along with a cash bar if you wanted any other alcohol. There were drinks and dessert stations to help yourself to cans of soft drinks.

A cute chocolate Mother’s Day plaque was on one of the buffet tables.

At the end of the event we were told we could take away the Flower arrangements from our table as a gift. How nice is that? We were heading straight into magic kingdom so we found some mothers in the lobby to give them to in a pay it forward kinda way.

First up we went to meet Stitch who was out front and centre greeting guests.

We then made our way to Liberty Square to get a spot for the parade. We chatted away to the Cast Member who was patrolling the area and she gave us a sticker each 😍

The parade was amazing as always!

We then made our way into tomorrowland to ride some rides 😍 Buzz lightyear, Monsters Inc laugh floor and the Peoplemover.

Sy won on Buzz of course 😭

Sy was being a goofball and was wearing my Minnie ears 🙈

We then made our way over to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Sy waited while Ali and I went into meet the guys.

Queue selfie

I asked Tigger if I could take a little video for my Aunty who is his biggest fan and he happily obliged! It made her day too ❤️

Something I don’t talk about too often is that I sometimes have to use a scooter to get around the parks, especially towards the end of our trips as I get more poorly as I get tired. Today I had been using it to get around, I’d parked it outside the meet and greet but when I came back to it, someone had tired a balloon to the handle. No idea who did it or why but I cried big ugly tears. It had been an emotional trip and an emotional meet and greet with Tigger as I had explained to him that my aunt is quite poorly. I like to think it might have had something to do with karma too, after we gave our flowers away that morning. It was a beautiful moment of the trip.

It was really hot and busy inside MK today so we decided to make our way out of the park. We were meant to be meeting up with friends for dinner but turned out that they had forgotten 🙈so we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do. We dropped Ali back at Pop as she wanted to rest up – it had been a busy few days!

We went to meet up with Louis and get some dinner. Louis had been lovely enough to pick me up a limited edition Valentine’s Day magic band which he remembered to bring out with him. I was so over the moon! Louis commented on how something so small could make someone so happy 😂

We decided to head to Kobe in Lake Buena Vista, I quickly booked us in on my mobile so when we arrived we got a table right away. Sadly it went down hill from here. Our drinks order was taken and then nothing for 25 minutes. A table beside us were seated, ordered, got drinks and still we had nothing. So we decided to vote with our feet and leave. Actually a few days later I got an email with a survey asking how our dinner was so I explained what had happened and they wrote to me apologising and sent us a $50 gift card! Wasn’t expecting that (I wouldn’t even have said anything but for the email they sent). That’s service for you.

Anyway we decided to head to the Poly for dinner at Captain cooks instead as we also wanted to go back up to top of the world lounge. Sadly I felt a bit poorly on the way there so Sy took me back to the hotel and went out with Louis to get food and to watch the fireworks while I got an early night 😢 I’m not very good at managing tiredness when I’m in Disney – I just want to be out having fun! Sadly it means sometimes having crashes and being forced to take it a bit easier. Sy and Louis had fun though and I got some much needed rest.

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