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Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 15. Hometime

Hometime 😭 I apologise for lack of photos – my head wasn’t in the game today.

Last night when we arrived back to the hotel we had stopped by the front desk to ask about a late checkout but sadly they couldn’t accommodate as they were fully booked which meant we had to be up and about early to finish off the packing.

Our phone was blinking to say we had a voicemail, expecting the usual ‘how to make a smooth check out’ message we were surprised to get a second message saying the front desk had something for us but they couldn’t deliver as we had the do not disturb sign on the door (we know what mousekeeping are like on check out day).

Sadly this morning I had the news I had been dreading all trip, my brother passed away. So it was a very dark morning.

We packed up the last of our things and made our way down to check out and to stop by the front desk as asked.

While we were at the front desk the night before we had been chatting with the Cast Member about going home, life in general. I mentioned not wanting to go home as my brother was likely to pass away at any moment and that he would be leaving my niece and nephew behind. Well the girl must have sprinkled some magic as there was a Mickey and Minnie plush for them with a note. I promptly burst into tears again. The poor guy who gave them to us didn’t know what to do with himself – this crazy lady at the front desk bawling her eyes out 🙈

We loaded up the car and drove off. We did have plans to go to magic kingdom this morning but I just couldn’t face it. I wanted to go ‘home’. Home to me is Animal Kingdom Lodge. Sy being the wonderful husband that he is, had no problem with that.

We were a little hungry when we arrived so we decided to get a bounty platter and share it. I ate the biscuit and Mickey waffle while Sy ate the rest – carb overload for me lol.

We then popped outside to see the animals. There were lots of giraffes around this morning. We stayed for ages watching them and just enjoying being in the moment.

While we were there I messaged Ali and Vicki to see if they wanted to go to My French Cafe for lunch before we needed to go to the airport, they did. We made our way to the car at about 11:30 and drove over to the magic kingdom to pick up Ali on our way over. Ali had hopped on the monorail over to the Contemporary. I ran inside to use the restroom and she came out while I was inside. We had already said goodbye last night as we didn’t think we would see each other again till we were back in the uk so it was a nice surprise to be able to meet up again.

We then drove the 10 minutes to My French Cafe. We arrived just before Vicki so we got a table outside in the shade. It was nice weather, not too hot and there was a breeze so it was a nice change to be able to sit outside.

There was a bit of a mix up with our food today, and then when they went to fix it, the order went to the bottom of the pile. That meant Sy and I ate our food but Vicki and Ali ended up getting theirs to take away as Vicki needed to go pick up her youngest and Ali was going with her. But to be fair they did give the ladies the money back in vouchers to use on their next visit, and they kept apologising. One of the chef’s had called in sick and it was super busy with a new chef on his own. Of course we got cake to go with our sandwiches – they won’t let you leave without one.

It was then time for yet more tears as we said goodbye. Little did we know we wouldn’t be seeing Vicki again till she comes home to the UK around Christmas – she only went and moved to California while we were gone! How dare she 😜 who are we going to go to My French Cafe with now?!

We made the super sad journey to the airport, handed the car back to Alamo and made our way inside to check in.

Check in was smooth and we were soon in the horrendous queue for special assistance security line – aka the longest line there which takes the longest time. I guess I shouldn’t complain that they are thorough with the checking but could they at least just open some more security lines? That’s the one thing Sanford has going for it – never a queue at security!

By the time we were through, had changed our clothes and had a peek in duty free it was time to board the plane. We had booked seatplus again for our return so we had an extra seat to ourselves meaning we could spread out.

The flight went by pretty painlessly. It was fairly smooth, we both managed to get a few hours sleep on and off.

I remembered to take a picture of dinner, but no idea what it was now! Think it was some sort of oriental chicken.

Back in the UK and back down to reality with a big bump. Lovely Simon’s dad came to pick us up from the airport and brought us back to their house. I had a couple of hours sleep while Sy worked and then I drove us home at about 1pm, stopping on the way to pick up Tink.

Jane had been watching the house for us while we were away, she had left this on the table for us – and milk in the fridge! Best friend a girl could ask for ❤️

We ordered a Chinese take away for dinner, poor Sy couldn’t wait for it to arrive though…

_2762.jpg”> And on that note, we have reached the end! 😂

Thanks for following our trip report, I hope it’s been a fun and interesting read. The trip could have been miserable given what was going on back home but it’s all about how you choose to see things. We tried to aim for glass half full and because of that we still had an amazing trip.

We had so much fun spending time with friends in our favourite place in the world.

We are on the final countdown for our next adventure now! It will be here before we know it.

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