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No additions for some time, it’s time to change that!!

We will Start and wish everyone a happy new year and hope it’s one filled with Disney visits and vacations galore for all! We realised that we haven’t added anything new to our blog for quite some time and it’s very light on content but it feels that with the start of 2018 we should perhaps correct this!!

So having just come back from another Christmas and new year vacation/holiday spent at Walt Disney World, we start this year with good intentions of posting some more updates, articles, reviews, history facts and anything else we think will be of interest!

What’s to come for us this year? Well aside from our continued work on the “it’s Orlando time” Facebook group, our intentions are:

• Formally launch our WatsonsdoDisney YouTube channel (its up but light on content http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmE3modoJGl9TrHXn14pbjQ)

• Write some articles to review our experiences of our September 2017 West coast USA and Hawaii visit, including Disneyland and Aulani resort.

• Write some articles for our recommendations for visiting Walt Disney world based on our Christmas 2017 and 2016 visits

• Expand our general review, recommendations and guide articles for food, experiences and general park visits

• Revisit the series that Simon started on historical ‘rides that never were’ for Disney’s theme parks

We also have a few planned vacations/holidays booked for this year so hope people will join us for Live videos and updates.

Our current planned visits for 2018 so far:

• Spring visit, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s Vero Beach & Disney’s Bay lake Tower, late April to mid May taking in “Dapper Day”!!!

• Fall visit, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean cruise, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, through October.

We hope you will join us for more throughout the year ahead!

The Watsons

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