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Disney’s Skyliner Transport System starts to takes shape at Walt Disney World

With the exciting announcement last year of a new gondola transportation system coming to Walt Disney world, expectations are high for it delivering on its prospect to add extra magic to your future vacations. We thought we would give a brief run down and summary of the design, the expectations and current status with the construction as it progresses towards its 2019 debut and also share some of the recently posted concept art.


Originally spotted back in February 2017, when Reedy Creek improvement district submitted plans to South Florida water management district for “various improvements”. The vague plans indicated various V-shaped buildings across resorts and park areas which were consistent with overhead cable-car systems. Coupled with various other permits which indicated possible pylon tower locations, helped to fuel the rumour-mill and possibility of the cable car system coming. Disney in the meantime refused to confirm or deny.

As part of the D23 expo ‘parks and resorts’ panel held on July 15th 2017 Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts confirmed that the aerial tramway would be Coming to the Florida Resort connecting four hotels (including the future DVC Riviera resort) with Epcot and Hollywood Studios Parks.

The Gondolas

Promising to give resort guests a picturesque Birdseye view and unforgettable journey as they transit between the connected resorts of Disney’s Art of Animation, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach (and eventually the Rivera resort), destination bound for Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Epcot international Gateway.

Visitors will Board a ‘Skyliner’ gondola with select cabins which may also feature favourite and iconic Disney characters such as those from the ‘Fab Five’ or various attractions and favourites from Disney parks, incorporated into the exterior design to give the appearance of them riding along with families. Passengers will be able to transit between the various locations, taking in unique views and when passing the turn-station along Buena Vista Drive, guests will also see the various mechanical and aerial components that make the Skyliner transport system.

The Skyliner Stations

The unique architecture of the Skyliner stations will be in keeping and take their design queues from the vernacular of each surrounding location.

The Skyliner station at International Gateway at Epcot will be inspired by the park’s nearby European Pavilions in an early 19th century Art Nouveau style featuring ornamental steel structures and glass canopies, decorated with hand-painted murals.

The Caribbean Beach Resort station building will take it’s inspiration from the open-air Village marketplaces of the Caribbean culture. Lifting the colour schemes and architectural detailing from the nearby resort. This station will also be a key hub location for activity for Disney Skyliner system with passengers transferring gondola routes to reach their end destination or remain seated to continue on their journey.

For Hollywood Studios, the building will be fully in keeping with the “streamline moderne” style of the park entrance and bus stations in their 1930s ‘Pan-Pacific auditorium’ green and white colour scheme and detailing. Guests will have a unique perspective on the park’s iconic attractions as they approach.

For Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, these resorts will share a Disney Skyliner station that Disney’s parks blog describes as feeling “whimsical and contextual with both resorts”. Skyliner passengers will enjoy a panoramic view of the two resorts as they take a straight route over Hourglass Lake.

Current Progress

Various clearance and preparation activities have been underway across the park and resort areas in preparation for the additions of the pylon towers and high-level cable lines.

This photo above was posted by @boatingBonnieC on twitter recently. Clearly showing a completed tower unit with the cable rollers on which the gondola lines will route over as well as the “cat-walks” for the maintenance crews.

The Skyliner will undoubtedly be one addition which will be welcomed next year with the anticipated crowds descending on Walt Disney World, but we are certain it will also be a very in-demand attraction but definitely a must ride! We look forward to seeing more progress and will post more in future updates.

As Always, Thanks for reading!

The Watsons

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