The Mega Family Trip Oct 18 · Trip Reports

The Mega Trip, the pre-trip

Hello everyone!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve given this blogging thing a go but with a lot of nagging from Simon… he’s convinced me that I should give it another shot (so basically we can all blame Simon for my endless ramblings!).

So we are currently counting down the hours to our mega trip. What is so mega about our trip I hear you ask? Well, this one has been in the planning for the best part of 2 years, in fact about two years ago we were on the Disney Dream talking about the next one. We were cruising with a group of friends we met through an online forum WDWforgrownups. Well we had such a great time we decided to do it all over again, only this time instead of a 4 Night cruise we decided to do a week on the Disney Fantasy 😍

My parents were a part of that four night cruise group and decided they would come along again and we managed to twist Simon‘s parents arm to join us as well.

So the cast is the usual Simon and me (you know us by now I’m sure, DVC owners, AP holders and general Disney mad couple).

Next we have my mum and dad, Sian and Bill. First went to Orlando when I was a teenager under much duress as they really didn’t want to go however been back many times since as they fell in love with it.

And lastly Simon’s parents Anne and Cliff. Their first trip was in 2010 when we convinced them to come along for our first anniversary. Been back a few times since. Took a while to convince Cliff to come on a Disney cruise, and actually he didn’t have much choice in the end as Anne booked it as a ‘surprise’ for him for Christmas – he couldn’t get out of it then 😆

So that’s us 6 on a 7 day Disney cruise to the Caribbean. But we of course couldn’t go all the way to Orlando without stopping in the parks first so we booked a week in Animal Kingdom Lodge pre cruise, Simon and I then have nine nights in the Grand Floridian Villas with our parents staying one night in Old Key West before flying home.

We’ve got lot of fun things planned, like Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party in the last week, discovery cove with feeding stingrays, taking our parents to hamburger Mary’s for drag queen bingo 😆 We even managed to get a ticket for the pass holder after hour event at Epcot!

On the cruise we have Palo brunch booked twice (the adults only Italian restaurant), a Jeep safari in Cozumel and a amphibious bus in Grand Cayman. We even have a special cocktail making class with our group for one night – that should be fun, Hic… Plus its a special Halloween on the high seas sailing so we have a Halloween party and the usual pirate night – plus formal and semi formal nights (I have so many clothes out ready to pack right now!). Really can’t wait for this cruise!

As always we plan to meet up with lots of friends while we are over there 😍 so you might see the odd extra face pop up now and again. I went into Tesco and spent £55 on chocolates and sweets to take over for everyone 😆🙈

If you’re not sure what to expect from me, there’s going to be plenty of videos and pictures of the trolley show (first thing Sunday morning!!) and lots of food pics, I’ve got everyone well trained by now – don’t touch your plate till I’ve taken a photo! Hahaha. I can’t promise this is going to a hugely detailed daily blog, it might be a few days sum up sometimes – it depends on if I can keep my eyes open at the end of the night 😴 but hopefully it will be a fun read where you can share our travels with us.

So as I write this now, we are 3 sleeps away, my list of things to do is a mile long and rather than do any of them I’m sat here writing this #procrastinator I’ve done most of the cleaning (I’m one of those strange ones who cleans before they go away). Tomorrow is my dads birthday, I’m doing my parents packing (mum is a serial over-packer!) after getting my hair cut and lashes done and then out for dinner. Friday is Cliff’s birthday and we are off to theirs for dinner and then all heading to Gatwick for an overnight in the Premier inn. Plan is twilight check in then back to Simon’s parents for dinner (as they only live down the road) before leaving all of our cars at their house and getting dropped at the airport for our overnight stay.

The last few things are falling into place, our matching T-shirt’s arrived today from the lovely fairytale sparkle – yep we are gonna be one of those families 😆 and I’d like to point out it was my mums idea haha. Along with our custom beach bags, my parents Halloween outfits and my beach dress 😍 I was bouncing around when that package arrived this morning, it was almost worth being woken up by the delivery man for 😆

A little preview of some of our goodies.

Just need to actually start packing now… roughly 50 hours till take off!


Robyn and Sy

The Watson’s

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