The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 2

Woke up at 7am, pottered about doing some washing and had breakfast while watching a bit of classic friends on tv.

The plan had us off to Epcot early today however on realising it was Columbus Day we decided that eating around the world might actually got be quite as fun so we swapped our shopping day instead. We will still be going to Epcot later though.

So all in the car for 10am heading for the outlets at the top of international drive.

We spent a small fortune in Ralph Lauren, the Disney outlet and bath and bodyworks. Dads both got some shoes in timberland too.

All shopped out we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, in our defence it was 2pm by then and it had been at least a few hours since we’d last eaten.

If you’ve not been to sweet tomatoes before, well you’ve not lived! All you can eat salad bar, I know I’m not exactly selling it when I say that but trust me, it’s amazing. I had a baked potato with cheese, bacon, spring onions and soured cream, followed by Mac and cheese and a big ol’ plate of salad. I also ended with a vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce. Yum yum yum.

While we were eating the heavens opened so we didn’t rush to leave, managed to wait long enough that we didn’t really get too wet when we did leave.

Back to animal kingdom lodge to ditch the bags. Back by 4pm. Not too bad day’s shopping!

Back in the room Simon decided to have a nap along with my parents, so Anne, Cliff and I got the bus to Epcot with everyone else planning to join us later.

We rode Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land and Figment before everyone else joined us at about 7:15.

We snacked on a few things from the food and wine festival.

We all agreed that the mac and cheese was sadly disappointing, it was just too peppery to enjoy. Everyone loved the corned beef best. I didn’t eat the beef bit but the cheese sauce and crisps were lush!

We popped by the festival centre to register for our first visit (to hopefully get one of the annual pass chopping boards) and get our annual pass magnets 😍

We decided it call it a day in Epcot cause there were a lot of tired feet, deciding instead of illuminations we would go to the top of the world lounge to watch Hallowishes and get some more nibbles in the lounge.

We started walking back to the car and heavens opened, sadly when we were nowhere near any shelter 🙈 so we were inadvertently doing our best drown rat impression by the time we got to the car! Just in time for it to stop raining – just our luck eh?! Haha

But we weren’t about to let us looking a state stop us from heading to the lounge so off we went.

The top of the world lounge is the bar at the top of bay lake tower, the Disney vacation club resort that’s partnered with the contemporary. It’s a gorgeous bar with an amazing view of the fireworks! We think this is worth being a DVC member for alone 😂😂 When you go into reception you turn left and head along to the lifts where you check in, show your DVC member card and ID before being sent up in the special lift. Its all very civilised.

We grabbed some seats and ordered a load more snacks, some pretzel breads, a cheese board and a margarita pizza. Anyone would think we all liked cheese… Oh and we did get some drinks too.

Before we knew it, it was time for fireworks. It’s very much like the California grill at the contemporary resort, everyone stands outside on the balcony. The music is piped in here as well.

I think I like Hallowishes more and more each time I see it. The perimeter fireworks really give it that extra special pop. Everyone loved them so I’m glad we were able to come see them – our parents aren’t doing the Halloween party as they only have a week in Disney.

We paid our bill afterwards and made our way back to animal kingdom lodge, all feeling very ready for bed!

Tomorrow, Hollywood studios and Drag Queen Bingo!!!

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