The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 7

It’s cruise day!!! Which does mean checking out of AKL (boooooo!) but we were off to our next adventure (yaaaaaaaay!)

I was up at 6:15, not sure if it was excitement or the knowing that I hadn’t really done any packing 🤔 Because it seemed like a good idea, I laid in bed till 7:15 – not like I had loads of stuff to do that I could have got a head start on…. erm yeah. #procrastinatorlife

Everyone was soon up too, and we were all frantically packing. We’d set a deadline for ourselves to check out by, we ended up being about 45 minutes late 🙄 finally leaving at 10:15. #watsontime

The drive over to the port was an hour (for which I used practically the whole time to write up my blog from the day before, girls gotta prioritise!). It was perfectly timed as I finished just when the ship came into view. I did manage to snap these little gems mind… think we’ve worn out Cliff 😆

Honestly cannot put into words how excited I was to see that stunning ship though.

We drove to the drop off point, unloaded everyone and the bags. We all went inside the terminal while Simon and dad returned the cars. Security took aaaages. Eventually through, the lovely Tom checked us in, he suggested we get a head start on the boys and go on board… so I called Simon and told him we were getting on the ship. It would have been rude to ignore Tom’s advice right? 😆 Simon was less impressed but honestly with no bags etc they were with us a few moments later.

Welcomed on as the Watson family. Anyone who’s been on Disney cruise will know what I’m talking about. The cheesy, cringey announcement and then all the cast members clapping you. I really hate that 🙈 if I could opt out of it I totally would.

One of the concierge team saw my gold card and whisked us straight up to the 12th floor and into the lounge while we waited for Simon and dad. Had some drinks – which Simon when he arrived kicked over everyone 🙈 great first impression in the lounge there Simon. We had barely sat down when he and dad arrived. Quick look around our room before we head for lunch.

Our parents went to Cabanas for lunch while we went to a special concierge lunch in Royal Court You can’t sit with us! #meangirls 😆😆

Simon got the smoked salmon and poached lobster salad, I went for the chicken salad. It was all really good! It actually felt good to have a salad too as we’ve been Disney eating for a week 😉 It was a shame we couldn’t eat lunch with our parents (I mean we could if we went to Cabanas but why would we do that instead of our posh lunch in Royal Court 😂), though it was nice for a little bit of couple time too.

We were then off back to our room to unpack – in between visiting the lounge for drinks/nibbles of course (hello I said I had a salad for lunch!!).

Our lovely stateroom host asked us about the drinks in our fridge, and when we said we would only be drinking the Diet Coke and water he emptied it of everything else and filled it right up. He is such a love! He was this awesome all trip.

I messaged our friends our room number if anyone wanted to stop by – everyone did ha! We were cruising with the same group of people we sailed with last time 2 years before.

It was then Muster time. We hit the jackpot and we were inside the theatre, sat down in air conditioning! If you’ve been on a cruise before and been to a muster you’ll know the struggle. Only been outside in the past sweating buckets in the heat of the sunshine and other people too close in my personal space. If you’ve not been on a cruise before, muster involves a lot of waiting around and about 2 minutes of info on what to do in an emergency. It lasts 45 minutes 😐

Muster over we popped back to the room for a drink and then made our way out to the sail away party. Just as we saw my mum coming to find us, she said she wanted to show me something and started dragging me outside, she was very insistent… what was she doing?! What could be so important?! Walking along the side of the ship I spot a lady who looks a bit like our friend Dee… quick double take and I realise it only is her!! Dee was meant to be sailing with us but had to cancel a few months earlier. She had rebooked the trip 2 days ago but then kept it a surprise! And what a lovely surprise it was 😍 Christy (Dee’s wife) was there too but she had just popped to the bathroom when we arrived so more hugs with her when she got back. Mum had already seen Dee in the muster – actually we were the last ones to be surprised 😍 it was SUCH a lovely surprise. Everyone was there too for the sail away, we did our little waving along the side of the boat to the live webcam and then watched the sail away show.

We hung and chatted for a while before making our way back to the room to finish unpacking. We popped up for a quick look at the concierge deck. Very pretty!

Quickly back down to the room to have a bath in my nice big jacuzzi 😍 only it wasn’t working properly 😔 nor was the tv in the mirror ha, I wasn’t doing very well. The bath was still good though! TV was an easy fix – it needed tuning again, the bath however is getting looked at on day 3 of the cruise and will likely take 3 hours 😑

We quickly rushed to get dressed before heading downstairs to Enchanted Garden for dinner – turns out I take too long in the bath, who knew?! 🙈

I love the beauty of this restaurant! The food was really good too 😉 and the company even better. We met our server Javed and assistant Issac tonight, they were awesome!

After dinner we came back to the room, our friend Jan came by too, we chat on FaceTime a lot and hadn’t seen each other in aaaages so we had lots to catch up on. We sat chatting and chilling on the balcony for a bit watching the stars. We were in bed by about 11pm – which was about 5 minutes after Jan left 😆😆 It had been a looong day.

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