The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 8

Sea day!

Our first full day on the cruise is a sea day. Sea days often scare people who haven’t cruised before, but to me they are the best days! There’s so much going on and if you’re lucky you can reserve a brunch spot at Palo (or Remy if you like French food). I’m not even going to try and pretend that we chose the Western Caribbean itinerary for any other reason than we have 2 sea days 😂 remember that salad I ate for lunch yesterday? Yeah that’s not happening today 😆😆

After a great nights sleep on the amaaaaze bed, we woke up at around 8.30am. Sy went to the concierge lounge for some pastries and light bites for breakfast whilst I went back to sleep, over and over again! I’m not sure if it was the tablets, being under the weather or the rocking on the boat but I could not drag myself out of bed. In the end I made Simon get me up and and not let me go back to sleep. Simon went back to the lounge for more nibbles 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s like he doesn’t remember how much food there is at brunch

Finally up at around 10.45am, we grabbed some coffees and headed down to Sy’s mum and dad’s stateroom on deck 5 for a nosey at their room. Very nice! Lovely extended balcony too.

Our only real focus today was on Palo Brunch… Palo is one of the adults only restaurants on board with an Italian theme. Our reservation was at 12:30 which turned out to be one of the last seatings. We had a big table of 11 as we were having brunch with our other friends we are cruising with.

The food did not disappoint! It was every bit as yummy as I remembered. They have a huge selection of pastries, seafood, antipasti and a hot-food a la carte menu. I’m allllll about the a la carte. Simon is all about the seafood.

We were greeted with a glass of champagne or a mimosa. I went for a mimosa and gave it to Simon – I’m not a wine drinker. We were shown to the buffet first, we’ve been before so there was no holding us back. We then ordered a few rounds from the hot menu. Our server put a few pizzas down on the table for ya to share.

Brunch was amazing, delicious food, great conversation, wonderful service. Suitably stuffed we made our way back to our staterooms to change. I popped back to mum and dads room for a nosey – oh my goodness it’s massive!!!

A few of us headed for the 3pm ‘Ultimate’ Disney trivia quiz. Some tough questions – but that didn’t stop us from being crowned champions 💁🏼‍♀️ Anyone know what ELFS stands for in the Santa Clause movie? We didn’t ha! It was the one question we didn’t get.

Immediately after that we decided to stay in the same room and play the big jackpot bingo – we didn’t win sadly. I feel very confident in saying that I will not be playing bingo again, if there’s no drag queen, I’m just not interested hahaha

Sy had fallen asleep to try and sleep off his Palo food so he missed the trivia and bingo (bingo was an hour of my life I’m never getting back!). I went back to wake him up – I swear it’s the swaying of the ship.

Tonight was formal night, so an opportunity to dress up for dinner! Yay! I love an excuse to dress up. We wanted to catch the stage show tonight Wishes, which was on at 6.15pm. We dressed in our ‘formal’ outfits, grabbed some popcorn and a glass of wine and made our way down to watch the show. Sat with our parents in the back half of the stalls.

A slow starting show, but filled with lots of Disney numbers. Personal highlight were the Hercules and Mulan parts 😍😍 They don’t get enough recognition even though they are super awesome movies! Am I right?!

After the show we made our way back to the room to relax before dinner and grab another wine from the lounge. Both sets of parents came to our room and we headed down to the Royal Court for our 8.15pm sitting.

We stopped to take a few photos in the lobby area before we headed into the restaurant and joined our friends who were already seated (Watson time strikes again!)

Dinner was great, and it was nice to be in the posh restaurant while wearing our formal outfits – I’d deliberately asked for this before we got on the ship (you’re welcome rest of the table haha).

I decided to skip a main today as I was still so full from brunch, instead I had baked Brie and potato and leek soup. I had a bit of room left for the apple tart tatin, it was only ok though which was a bummer as it’s fave dessert of mine. I’ll go for creme brûlée next time 😉

Dinner finished we stopped for a group photo of all of us on the grand staircase in the lobby.

As we dispersed for the evening, we went for a quick wander around the shops on the 4th floor (and spotted a nice David Doss print that Simon wants to add to our collection!)

I wanted to check out the silent disco in ‘The Tube’ so headed there with Jan and Abby for a quick look, just when you think the night is over, we were joined by Cliff, Anne, Dee, Christy and Simon reappeared too (he had gone to change quickly).

I absolutely LOVED the silent disco, I wanna go again! Sadly it was only an hour long so at midnight we were handing over our headphones and heading to bed – booooo! No Cinderella here, don’t make me go home at midnight 😭😭

Back to the room and straight into bed. A Disney movie on – perfect end to a great day at sea 😍

Clocks go back one hour to Mexico time tomorrow (extra hour in bed, this I’m down with!). It’s Cozumel time!

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