The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 9

Cozumel day

Woke up about 8am today. We had to be off the ship and meeting our guide by 10am. Originally I’d booked a Jeep Safari through Disney but a couple of months before we were due to arrive I had an email from Disney to say they were changing the itinerary, they dropped one of the things we were looking forward to doing and added on snorkelling which we had no desire to do. So we decided to cancel the excursion and book a Jeep safari from a local company I found online with great reviews. What also helped make our decision was that it was just us and our tour guide, not a massive convoy of jeeps which is what a lot of the excursions are.

We had a bit of breakfast in the room before we headed out, Anne and Cliff were joining us for the safari so they came to our room and had some food with us before we disembarked. My parents were just getting off the ship for a wander and getting back on.

We found our tour guide Francisco outside Hooters (yup that was the meeting point 😆) and he took us to the Jeep which was just down the road. The jeep was…. Oh my. How to explain it… Well it had no seatbelts, all of the warning lights on the dashboard were on and never went out. The heating/cooling knob was no where to be seen. Simon at one point hit the wipers, well that was it for ages as they wouldn’t go off haha! It was a bit of a heap 😆 later on we saw another tour from the same company and they had this flashy new jeep with aircon and everything – I think we drew the short straw 🙈

It was an adventure though! Our guide drove his car in front of us and showed us around, about 5 minutes into the tour we drove over a massive bolt in the road and got a flat. 🤦🏼‍♀️ luckily we were right by a tequila tasting so we went inside while the tour company sorted out our tire. Turns out I actually don’t mind tequila – I always thought I hated it 🤷🏼‍♀️ the only stuff I’ve ever tried has been disgusting, this was complete different. Cliff bought a bottle for about $100 😮 I guess that’s the difference, I’ve only ever had cheap tequila slammers #classybird

Car sorted and tequila bought we were on the road again. This time we were heading along to Punta Sur, stopping on the way at a pretty beach and a blow hole. Very cool!

When we reached Punta Sur we popped out to see the Mayan ruins, and then to see the swampy area with crocodiles in. Well, one crocodile anyway. It was sooooo hot we were relieved when it was time to get back into the car again and go for a drive for the breeze. We drove to the very bottom of Cozumel to see the lighthouse. Simon and Cliff decided to climb it, it was way too hot for me and there was no way I was climbing 133 stairs – I was sweating in the shade! Instead I found a lounger and watched the waves crash over the rocks – now that’s what I call heaven! Anne stayed with me, she said she didn’t fancy climbing the lighthouse either but she might have been being an awesome mother in law and staying to keep my company.

We made our way back to the car and onto our stop for lunch. It was this little restaurant on the beach front call Tortuga. I’ll be honest – it wasn’t great. I actually didn’t eat much of it at all bar a few bites. But it was included with the tour so it was fine. The view was worth it, and it was in the shade.

We then drove back to the port and said goodbye to our guide, sending him on his way with a nice tip 😊 he was a really nice guy, I’d have no quibbles doing a tour with him again, and our crappy jeep 😆

A quick stop in Starbucks for some free WiFi for Anne and Cliff, and anything cold and frozen for me (did I mention it was hot today?!) and we were then back on the boat. It was about 3:30 when we finally boarded again. Cliff had to put his tequila into hold and collect when he gets off the ship, only takes a few minutes when you board and leave.

We went straight to our room to change and use the pool. We popped up to the concierge sun deck as we’d had an invite to a cocktail hour, it was crazy busy though so we didn’t stay for long. We went down to the adults only pool, on the way we found Minnie Mouse in her Hawaiian dress – so cute!! So of course we had to stop for a quick pic. 😍😍

A quick dip in the pool to cool down was just what I needed, my goodness it was so hot today! I don’t think I mentioned it was hot before?! 😆 And right next to the pool is the ice cream station so of course I had to get one – it would be rude not to 🍦

Simon snapped some pics of my fabulous dress and beach bag that I had made from Fairytale Sparkle. Aren’t they the cutest?!

We made our way back to the room to try out the hopefully fixed jacuzzi tub. While we were out today the tub was scheduled to be fixed – some of the bubbles weren’t working and neither were some of the control buttons. The buttons were now fixed but still hardy any bubbles 🤔 I still got in and put Mary Poppins on the TV and lazed about for a bit. Simon got in to watch with me only he fell asleep with the rocking of the boat and the water 😂😂 if only I could have grabbed a picture – head right back, mouth open and snoring 🙈

Eventually I woke Simon up and we got dressed for dinner, just before dinner we were going to 80’s music trivia, our parents joined us too. We got a respectable 28 out of 30, and that’s basically all down to Simon anyway 🙈 I am not he biggest 80’s fan, I was only born half way through!

It was then time to make our way into Animators palate for dinner. This is my least favourite restaurant on rotation for just one reason – it’s so loud! Everything about the place is super cute but the noise really does put me off. Saying that, it actually wasn’t that bad tonight so I enjoyed it more than on previous. I also enjoyed it more as our server had curry for us all for dinner instead of the normal menu! It was amazing 😍😍 our server Javed, is just awesome. I cannot get over just how much he is like the young guy from the best exotic marigold hotel though – not his looks so much but his jokes, mannerisms etc, it really could be him. He’s adorable! I didn’t fancy anything from the dessert menu so he brought me a creme brûlée instead as he remembered I like them – total cutie!

Dinner over I really wanted to check out Saludos Amigos Fiesta, check out Latin vibes as you learn to salsa and merengue… You might not know this about me but I LOVE to dance, and in fact I love to Latin dance. In my head I’m imagining something you might see in the movie dirty dancing, the floor littered with couples dancing the night away. The reality was somewhat different… a guy on the stage teaching a group of kiddies how to dance out of time to the music 🤦🏼‍♀️ I mean come on, at least the teacher could dance in time to the music?!

We stayed all of about 5 minutes and left, I was gutted! It was so naff. Instead we went to the adults only 80’s trivia challenge which was really good fun so it wasn’t all bad.

We tried to stay and watch the show dancers who were on after but Simon kept falling asleep in the chair (he blames it on the gentle rocking of the boat) so we said our goodbyes and made our way to bed.

We also tried to watch a bit of Tomorrowland in bed but I think we both made it to 5 minutes in before falling fast asleep.

Tomorrow, Grand Cayman!

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