The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 10

Grand Cayman

We were both up about 8:30 this morning, I think all that gentle rocking sent us into a long, deep sleep. Well that an likely the virus we are both still carrying around.

Breakfast consisted of pastries and fruit from the lounge. We will make it to one of the proper breakfasts eventually… maybe.

We all had an excursion booked today; amphibious land and sea tour. Meeting point was in the Tube bar at 11:15. This one we were all doing together, us and both sets of parents.

All checked in we head downstairs to hop on the tender boat over to the island.

Disney ships really are the prettiest aren’t they?!

There were a crazy amount of ships in today so it was absolute bedlam at the port. We found where we needed to go and were soon being led onto the bus. Not before chatting with fellow English family the McCue’s. They are doing the same cruise and staying at the same place after, even flew out on the same dates!! Great minds!

We chatted while we walked to the bus, got on board and at first it looked like there weren’t enough seats. We asked the guide what to do and he said there were 6 seats but none together. We toyed for a moment with not going and he told us explicitly that there are no refunds 🤨 (we hadn’t asked for one!). We decided to stay and sit split up. It’s a shame none of the single people offered to sit together so at least some of us could ride together, it might have been nice for the tour guides to suggest this but never mind. Turns out we should have gone with our gut and not gone on the tour. The tour was naff, the guide was clearly so bored of saying the same thing day in day out that you couldn’t really understand what he was saying as it was all flat with words running together. We then went out into the sea and looked at 2 ship wrecks on a monitor at the front of the bus, then the best bit – we fed some fish. That was actually pretty cool. After that the highlight of the trip, a child throwing up all over Anne. Clearly was sick with something rather than seasick as the mum had been trying to give him Tylenol the whole time but he wouldn’t take it. The best bit – mum didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered either 😱 I’d have been mortified if that was me. Anne used her water to try and wash it off, the guide just carried on like nothing had happened, only stopping to get some napkins when asked.

The bus then drops you at a bar by the beach where it’s so crowded you couldn’t get a table in the bar, nor could you get to the beach as it was full. With Anne still stinking of vomit we decided to get a taxi straight back to the ship.

We did give the feedback about the tour to concierge and mentioned about Anne getting covered in sick and they insisted she brought her clothes up and they would get them cleaned – how nice of them?! It’s not Disney’s fault a child was sick. Anne (and all of us really) are a bit worried it might have been a sickness bug and we could all end up with it – we definitely don’t want that 😔 luckily though none of us came down with anything.

We quickly changed and headed to the adults only pool. I actually ended up not dipping in the pool after all that, instead I fell asleep on one of the loveseats while Simon and Cliff bobbed about in the pool, my parents napped in their room as did Anne.

Then it was time for ‘know it all’ trivia – we did appallingly 🙈 In our defence, the questions were aimed at Americans (naturally) so we had no chance. It was fun though.

I needed to wash my hair before tonight’s show ‘Aladdin’ so we made our way back to the room. Michelle caught us on the way to ask if our jacuzzi was working. It wasn’t working properly still, we showed her how the bubbles weren’t coming out from the bottom. She said to leave it with her and she would sort it out. By the time we did all this though there was no time for a shower for hair wash, so we went to the show looking slightly windswept and salty still 🙈

Aladdin was awesome, it really is a Broadway/West End quality show. Such an amazing level of detail and very polished. We arrived at 5:55 (show was at 6:15) and we had a hard time finding 6 seats together – note to anyone else going, get there super early!

Afterwards I ran back to the room to shower and wash my hair while Simon joined a few of the others for 70’s music trivia. I hear they lost sadly! They were only 2 answers away from winning – both of which Simon knew but he was late arriving so missed them. That will teach him for running on #watsontime

Simon came back to grab me and we ran through the lounge – to grab a glass of wine for dinner – and make our way down. Ashley followed us to the lift and used his special concierge magic and our lift went straight to the floor we needed without stopping…

Tonight’s dinner was back in enchanted garden. Our lovely server had us curry again! Amazing 😍 still blooming hot though. But yummy too. I swear the tables around us were looking in and drooling!

After we made our way to the Tube for Majority Rules followed by Match your Mate – oh my goodness these were so much fun!! Majority rules you have to guess what the most popular answer is… I’m sorry but I refuse to believe Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful actress. And ‘hottest male actor’ Chris Hemsworth will always be that bloke from Home and Away to me… 😆

My favourite in match your mate were the longest married couple, who’s daughter was in the audience – I’m sure you can imagine the sort of questions that were asked being in the adults only bar 😉 they kept apologising to their daughter 🙈 it was one of the funniest things all cruise, definitely make time to go if you can!

Simon was falling asleep again so we had to head back when it was over. We took a little walk outside on deck 4 (or was it 5? 🤔) as its super pretty at night.

In bed by 12:30.

Tomorrow dock in Falmouth but we have no plans apart from a walk around the port.

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