The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 11

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? With jam in.

Jamaica time!

Woke up about 8:30 and went for breakfast in Cabana’s – first time we’ve gone anywhere for breakfast other than the lounge, see! We can eat a proper breakfast 😂 in our defence, we aren’t huge breakfast eaters and the pastries etc in the lounge is really all we need. It was pretty good though and nice to try something different.

We decided we would all get off the ship and have a look around the port of Falmouth but as we had no excursion booked we wouldn’t go any further – advice is that it’s not safe. So about 9:30 we all met in our cabin and went down together.

The port was absolutely nothing special. A million diamond shops and a few tat shops. We did find a Starbucks though so all was not lost. Speaking of lost things, my parents went off at one point as did Cliff. So it was me, Simon and Anne in Starbucks. We figured they would know where we were but after waiting ages we decided to give up and head back to the ship. We bumped into Cliff before we got there but he’d been back on the ship looking for us already 🙈 Back on the ship about an hour after we got off.

Simon stopped by the lounge while I went straight back to the room to get changed, we were off to use our Rainforest spa pass that I’d bought for everyone before we came. Simon came back with an envelope he’d been given by the concierge team. It was a note saying we had been booked in for a couples ‘perfect day’ at the spa at 1:15pm! I think this was an apology for the jacuzzi tub not working. Trying to ask Simon what they said when they gave it to him was like drawing blood from a stone 😆

We were too early for our treatment so we went to use the rainforest spa. This is one of my absolute favourite things to do on the cruise. It’s so relaxing! And I just love the outdoor hot tubs and the warm mosaic beds. Heaven! I might have fallen asleep in one of the heated loungers… can’t be too sure 🤔😆 I don’t think I snored though so I think I got away with it 😆

It was then time for our couples treatment. The ‘perfect day’ consisted of a full body massage, Indian head massage, foot and leg massage and an express facial. Simon ‘doesn’t like being massaged’ so he was kinda going along for me but wasn’t looking forward to it.

Well he clearly DOES like being massaged as he fell asleep 10 minutes into it and didn’t wake up till the end! I know he was asleep as he was snoring the whole time 🙄🙈 at the end the therapists said ‘good morning Mr Simon’ 🤦🏼‍♀️ It was super relaxing for me 🙄😂

We went back into the rainforest spa after for a little bit but then Simon looked at the time and we were going to be late if didn’t run so we went back to the room to change and hot footed down to the Skyline bar for our mixology class. 1 hour of cocktail making 5 cocktails. Let’s just say it all got a bit messy hahaha! Especially as afterwards we went to the DVC mixer for more cocktails 😮 we didn’t stay long though (mainly due to someone knocking over a full table of cocktails…. mentioning no names… Anne Watson!) We got some more cocktails and went back to the room to chill – or at least that’s what we intended to do, instead we decided to head back to the rain forest spa just the 2 of us.

It was pirate night tonight 😍 so we donned our best pirate outfits and made our way to the atrium with the intention of meeting some characters. Sadly there were none around 😢 think we missed them all! That was really disappointing and poorly planned. Instead we mooched around getting pics in the atrium.

Dinner tonight was at Royal Court, it was a special pirate night menu but I’m not sure I was that impressed with it. I went for the jerk chicken. Our server brought out curry for the table as well so of course I tried that too 😉 well it would be rude not to…😉 the curry was lush!

After dinner we found out Mickey was out meeting and having missed everyone before dinner we ran to meet him.

We then made our way to the top deck for the fireworks. It’s very cool watching fireworks at sea, I mean they are no Happily Ever After or anything but still very cool to see 😊

Afterwards, we tried to head into Cabanas for their special pirate night buffet but it was absolutely bedlam, so we decided to head to bed instead. I’ve yet still to make it to that buffet, maybe next time!

Tomorrow it’s another Sea Day so that means more Palo Brunch 😍

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