The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 15

The Magic Kingdom! And our parents last day 😢

Well the time had come, it had been 15 nights since we arrived in this sunshine state and that meant only one thing, it was time for our parentals to return home. We do plan our family trips this way, we have family time and then some couple time – it does work well. It just sucks when they go home (for like a day 😆).

We’d told them the night before to just get ready and come to ours whenever, this meant I woke up to multiple messages saying they were up, they were leaving, and they were almost here 😵 cue a mad dash out of bed to get dressed.

We were just about there when they rocked up to our room. For some reason dad decided he wasn’t following the clear instructions I’d given him the day before, he valet parked at the main building, the dads then left mums sat there in the main hotel lobby and came to bring their bags to our room. I’d said come to the villas and park there but noooooo, don’t listen to me 🙄 mistakenly they had left beer in the cool bag with my mum anyway so mums had to come over as well. It was just a long drawn out process… 🙄 Eventually we were making our way to Gasperilla Grill for some breakfast. This turned into another big drama, everyone wanted breakfast wraps, they were out so we started picking up other stuff, only for them to find more wraps, but they needed to be cooked. So we put the other stuff back and wait. In between all this we ended up with one too few meals which we hadn’t realised till we got to the till 🤦🏼‍♀️ Simon had to run back for more. I didn’t go for a wrap – there were mickey waffles on offer, this girl made a good life choice 😜

Filled up we were ready to go, the Magic Kingdom was calling! We hopped on the monorail and before we could blink, we were there. We missed the Trolley 😭 but luckily there’s plenty of time to see it over the next week 😉

I had to pop to guest relations for a secret mission and we still needed to buy our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets so that was the first stop. We parked the rents on a bench where they watched the Move it, Shake it parade. (Secret mission was upgrading the in laws tickets to annual passes!!).

We then made our way to our first fastpass, Peter Pan. We also found Jan waiting at the front, we had the same fast passes today 😍

Then over to the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh for our next fastpass. JoAnn happened to see us and came along to ride too! Awesome 😍

Last up was Haunted Mansion, it broke down for quite a while today mid ride, it’s a shame we weren’t in the bit where the doom buggies tilt you backwards as you go into the graveyard, I’m sure I’d have taken a nap! I wasn’t complaining though, it was cool and we were sitting.

I had made us all fast passes for the little mermaid next but after being held up on haunted mansion and then what seemed like the longest bathroom break ever (I’m looking at you dad), we decided it might be cutting it fine for the rents. So we bid farewell to Jan and JoAnn and made our way out and over to the Polynesian, we needed to grab some food for the parents so we decided the best place would be Captain cooks. I wasn’t hungry so I just got a Dole Whip… it’s good to have ice cream with a sore throat I’m told 😜

We caught some of the parade on the way past.

We walked back over to the Grand Floridian villas, it’s only a short walk and it’s very pretty and quiet. Highly recommend it!

Parents got changed and sorted their luggage out ready to go. I went to stick the first loads of washing on. We were then walking our parents down and over to the main building where they had valet parked.

It was time to say goodbye. Here came the waterworks. There were many hugs, I had plenty of tissues to hand but Simon was just too upset for words. We headed back up to the room so he could cry without the judgement of others and I could escape the embarrassment of the red face and snotty nose. We spent the next couple hours finishing the washing, unpacking and just generally chilling out.

My stomach started reminding me that a dole whip for lunch was not sufficient so I asked Simon to find somewhere to go. 90 minutes later he’d not found anywhere and I was getting increasingly hangry. We ended up going to the Top of the World earlier than planned and getting some apps to share at the table. We were meeting our friend from back home Becky, up there with her husband Adnan and her dad, her lovely mum stayed home and looked after their girls who were too knackered to last till 10:15pm when the fireworks were on.

We got a seat in ‘our booth’, we joke whenever anyone else is sitting there that they’re in our seats 😆 another couple sat at the other end for a while and then left. We started to think we had a bad smell around us as no one else came to sit down… clearly loads of people were without tables but no one came by. Eventually a Scottish family came and asked if anyone was sitting there, turns out they follow our page and blog and we had an amazing time chatting! Was so lovely to meet you ladies 😍

I’d given Becky extensive instructions on how to find us but I still expected her to get lost so I was super shocked to see her walking in 😆 sorry for underestimating you Becky 😉💕

I’d told Becky she was on strict no dessert at dinner as we’d need to get the 7 layer chocolate cake. Girl did good and we soon were devouring it, sad to say we didn’t finish but if she will bring her health conscious hubby and dad… We never stood a chance! Dad didn’t try any and Ads barely touched it, Becky and I took one for the team and made a good dent (Simon had a small bit) but we were defeated… We hung our heads in shame.

Fireworks time was upon us and we got a great view. Everyone loved them and enjoyed not having the mad crush of everyone around them.

We paid the bill and said goodbye to everyone inside. On auto pilot we walked outside, forgetting we’d hopped on the monorail over so we had to go back inside the contemporary to get on the monorail back to the Grand.

In bed for midnight.

Tomorrow, MK, Seaworld, HS and Epcot (yes it’s gonna be busy!). We also find time to pop into Saratoga Springs for a rather exciting purchase!

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