The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 16

Lots of parks & a DVC purchase

What is this noise? Surely the monorail isn’t this loud, did they move us and we are by an airport? Is there a train going by outside our door? It took a moment to realise that none of this was correct, it was in fact Simon snoring… 😤 and there was no stopping him. I tried the sharp elbow to the ribs, the heel to the shin, nothing. I gave up trying to sleep and decided to leave sleeping beauty to it. I showered and got ready while he slept 🙄 and made my way to the Magic Kingdom for the Trolley – I mean what else was I gonna do 😜 I also managed to catch my fave man on Main Street, Noah Lott. My fave Dapper Dan was there too so all round, it was a good morning despite the wake up.

With Simon finally awake at around 10am I went back to the grand Floridian we made our way over to Seaworld – we wanted to ride the new ‘infinity Falls’ attraction. (We appreciate Seaworld is not everyone’s cup of tea and we understand the views of those who choose not to go, we hope others respect our views too 😊).

Stopped for a quick pit stop at McDonald’s on the way – I’d still not had breakfast. Simon finds it really odd ordering an egg McMuffin with no egg haha but that’s what I like! It still comes with ham and cheese on it, it’s not some weird plain muffin with nothing on it 😆

At Seaworld they’ve changed the security checkpoint, it’s now right at the front – it’s definitely made a real difference for the better and is much more organised. Less of a bottle neck right at the turnstiles.

Once in we grabbed a map and walked straight over to the back of the park to see the new attraction. We stopped on the way to see the dolphin nursery as they were feeding and playing 😍 sooooo cute!

Once at the ride we noticed the 5 minute wait time (unbelievable considering it’s been only a matter of weeks), but seeing how wet people were on the ride we decided it might not be best to ride this first… instead a quick stop in the pass holder lounge for a few drinks. We picked up annual passes in the ‘Blue Friday’ sale last year buy one get one half price – top tip if you’re looking to buy them.

With it being 12 noon we headed over to watch the 12:30 One Ocean Show which is right next door, we sat in the soak zone but right at the back. My feet got a little splattering but we were pretty lucky and escaped a real soak.

Afterwards the wait time for Infinity Falls had ramped up to 45 mins – it probably didn’t help that I needed to use the restroom right after the show 🙈 it’s still really a very short queue time considering it’s only two weeks old and it was a hot day. Within 10 mins it was back down to 25 minutes though so not too bad.

Wow this ride really is something else 😍, similar to Popeyes in universal I would say, on the zero to drowned rat scale of wetness it scored a high 8 for severely moist!

Twice round on it (utterly soaked to the skin) squelching and dripping all the way to the car, it was time for some lunch. Now I’m afraid to say I think the food options in Seaworld are seriously lacking so we used this as a good point to head out and stop by some food on the way back to the hotel.

Quick stop at Chick fil-a drive through (which we then sat and ate in the car, why would we wanna get out of the car and eat inside?!), and it was back to the Grand Floridian (still soaking wet).

We arrived back around 3pm, got out of wet clothes, checked phones to find an email from our DVC sales guide reminding us about meeting up at 3pm!!! I had it down in the plan for the following day 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I’d made a mistake in the plan which meant only one thing; WE WERE LATE!!! Robyn does not like being late for stuff.

We threw on the nearest dry clothes and raced to Saratoga Springs preview center to meet our guide Tim. We all knew why we were here, there was no messing around. An hour and a half after we arrived we were leaving having added on points at the Boardwalk resort. We even got our ice cream and fast passes on the way out too 😍 (ice cream has always been closed in the past)

We had fast passes in Hollywood Studios so we made our way over and did the longest walk EVER to get to the park 🤦🏼‍♀️ made especially bad as I’d drank my weight in Diet Coke at the preview center! I was practically running to the park – and I do not run.

Toilet stops done, walking up the main boulevard we bumped into Robbyn, her sister Stevianne and niece Lilly who we know online (social media, bringing the world together!), had a catch-up and a photo before they headed off to dollar tree and we were headed straight for Toy Story land.

We rode Alien swirling saucers (spinning teacups type ride) and Slinky Dog Dash (family friendly roller coaster) with our friend JoAnn.

We were a little unsure what to do next, we were kinda done for the day but fancied some more food… I mean it had to have been an hour since we ate right?! Before we knew what was happening we were heading to Epcot for some food and wine action 🙈 someone slap food out of our hands FGS!

We tried some lovely goodies, chicken dumplings and duck bao from China, teriyaki chicken bun and spicy sushi roll from Japan, bacon and cheese pasta from Germany and peanut chicken from Thailand. They were all good.

We managed a ride on Frozen and a quick meet with the ladies too (Sy sat this out, spoilsport).

We were walking back out just before illuminations started, getting a head start on the crowds.

Stopped under the fairy lights arch in the UK pavilion

We’d valet parked at the Beach Club so we could enter world showcase easily so we made our way back and had a quick little mooch in the shop on the way – would be rude not to though right?!

Back to the Grand Floridian and off to bed.

Tomorrow, the Magic Kingdom and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 😍

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