The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 18

Disney Springs, Epcot and some outlet action

Wow after yesterdays shenanigans I really thought I might be able to get more than 5 &1/2 hours sleep… Simon however had other ideas 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🛫🚊🤦🏼‍♀️ #imgoingtokillhim #noonewouldblameme

I laid in bed a couple hours writing up yesterday’s blog, I’ll definitely need to take it easy later (she says optimistically). I might stick Simon out on the balcony to sleep tonight… 🤔

We got dressed and made our way to Disney springs at 10:30. We were meeting Jan at Blaze for an early lunch, she was off home today and had to be back at Sports by 12:40 so lunch needed to be early.

Just as we descended the Lime garage escalators Jan messaged to say she was going to have to cancel, the bus had taken FOREVER to get there and then it was going to all 3 of the all stars 😢 booo! Instead we made plans to go see her there as soon as we’d raced down some Blaze. It was still only 11:25 but in my book, it’s never too early for pizza! We (okay I) decided we would split a pizza as it was so early. I felt instantly ashamed with my life choices when it arrived and we’d eaten it in about 30 seconds flat 🤦🏼‍♀️ Simon wasn’t exactly impressed with me either. It was like yesterday’s kids meal all over again! When will I learn?! It was good though, half bbq chicken and half cheese and garlic. You can take bets on who’s was who’s…

We had a quick stop in the new World of Disney store for a peek – we had plenty of time seeing as we’d practically inhaled our pizza. Lots of things I need in my life! Must. Not. Buy….

Back in the car we drove over to All Star Sports to say goodbye to Jan 😭 Glad we got to see each other again before she headed home.

We were off to Epcot this afternoon to meet up with Vicky and Steve 😍 we made plans to meet them up in the DVC lounge at 1:45 so we made our way over there next.

In true ‘Watson Time’ we were a little late – we struggled to get parked today and had a massive trek to get in. This does not bode well for food and wine time! (As it happens it was actually not too bad).

Vicky and Steve we already in the lounge having some snacks and a drink. We sat for about 45 minutes chatting away before heading to our shared fastpass at Nemo. Such a cute ride!! We then decided to do Turtle Talk with Crush, now I have no idea what was up with Crush today but he had totally checked out of being there. He really seemed like he would have rather been swimming the EAC than chatting with us humans. It was not fun 😐

Afterwards we went for a walk around world showcase, heading towards Mexico. We stopped at the 3 Cabalerro’s for a quick ride – it’s so pretty in there! Onto Norway as Vicky and Steve wanted to get a picture from Larry Dotson who was signing in the shop there today. Saw some Vikings just casually walking around.

We then back tracked the opposite way around World Showcase as I wanted to eat some yummy stuff (it had been a while since we last ate after all). Stopped in the little shops either side of the entrance to world showcase looking for a bowl Simon had his eye on (couldn’t find it).

We stopped at the refreshment port for Simon to try the brisket poutine. He said his review was MEH. I liked the cheese but not being much of a meat eater the brisket was lost on me.

I did however stop at Ireland for some of the beer cheese fondue – heaven! My only complaint was there wasn’t enough bread for the cheese so I had to drink the last of it 🙈 #dontjudgeme

It was here we said goodbye to Vicky and Steve as they had a posh dinner tonight at Flying Fish 😍

We decided to pop over to the convention centre to pick up our little annual pass chopping boards and then made our way out. We stopped by to see David Doss who was signing his artwork in the art of Disney shop beside Spaceship Earth but there was nothing new we wanted (especially after buying one on the cruise a few days before)

We decided to hit the outlet at the top of I Drive, we were on the lookout for something specific. Simon had a brand new polo from Ralph Lauren which had picked up a stain inside the Disney washing machine a few days before 🤦🏼‍♀️ we were off to see if they still had them. Sadly they didn’t 😢 but he did get another one and I bought out half the Disney outlet so all was not lost 😂

We needed some breakfast stuff so we stopped by Publix on the way back to the resort. We needed a few essentials, bagels, butter, M&Ms… mid shop I found out I was hangry – it kinda snuck up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. One minute I was shopping and then next I was biting Simons head off for taking so long walking around.

Simon loaded the belt and paid while I took to my phone to find the nearest place to eat which reasonable reviews. Whatdoyaknow right next door was a sushi place rated high on trip advisor. I love me some Asian food! We decided to try it out. It looked very much from the outside like an amazing place we went to in Vero Beach earlier this year. Sadly it was not the same. Simon ordered some sushi and I went for the chicken Katsu. Simon enjoyed his sushi, my chicken however was pre cooked and cut and then deep fried again to heat it up – meaning it was dried out and horrid, like eating rubber. There was no way I was eating it. So I was hangry and not able to eat. Good job I didn’t begrudge Simon his dinner or anything… that could have been awkward. I felt like I was doing an impression of a video I’ve seen online, there’s a little girl who just wants to eat her breakfast when Snow White comes by, anyone know the one I mean? Just give me food!

The girl came to ask what was wrong and could see why I couldn’t eat it, she offered to get something else but I said no – I didn’t want to risk something else that I’d feel too Britishly obligated to eat if it wasn’t nice. They took the meal off the bill but charged for the salad that came with it. Fair enough. We left $30 for a $24 meal – damn British guilt for not eating my meal even though it was awful meant a large tip. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was hangry still and annoyed that Simon had eaten and I hadn’t. I was then too angry to decide where to eat so I came up with the most horrible thing imaginable that I would eat – it’s almost like I wanted to punish myself further… I got Taco Bell drive thru. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t eat it till we drove the 18 minutes back to the resort and unloaded the car and walked in… I think I was that hungry though it actually tasted pretty good 😆

Simon did a weird ritual of sorting the mnsshp candy into piles of each thing (OCD anyone?!), and then we did a little packing. It hurts so bad that we are packing already but it will be the weekend before we know it 😭

Watched some crap tv in bed and tried to get an early night… cut to us still watching tv at 11:30pm 🙈

Tomorrow, Trolley show and Animal Kingdom. With a stop at the Annual pass holder event at Epcot in the evening.

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