The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 20

Magic Kingdom, Seaworld, Disney Spring and Top of the World lounge.

Alarm went off at 8:20, really this was an alarm for Simon as guess what? I was already awake 🙄 still moved slowly to get ready though.

This morning we were meeting Brandon for breakfast at Keke’s, but we had time to see the Trolley first right?! Well, we’ll see!

We ‘ran’ to get ready, it felt like we ran, in reality we bumped around in a half sleep daze slapping on sun cream and bustling out of the room by 9.

We hopped on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and were there in no time. We just missed the first Trolley but we caught the second, third and fourth down Main Street. I guess that will have to do!

What we really should have done next was leave, but instead we went to Starbucks quickly. We then walked out of the park. Well we should have walked out the park, but instead we stopped to say hello to the citizens of Main Street. Lady Victoria took us into the art shop as they had a collection of dolls and there was one that looked just like her! Uncanny hehehe no Hilderguard doll though 😢

We did then leave, it was 10 and we were due to meet at 10:10. Erm. I’m blaming it on Watson time… messaged Brandon and luckily he was running late too, phew! The monorail seemed to know we were in a rush so stopped forever at EVERY SINGLE STOP. Gah!!

Brandon got there before us and grabbed a table, the server kept asking him if he was sure he was in the right Keke’s 🙈 sorry Brandon 🙈

But at least when we got there I knew what I was ordering… Simon however took forever to decide. Why do men do this when you’re hangry? 😑 if he didn’t hurry and choose I was gonna choose for him.

The server was taking our order before long, she still took long enough though. She clearly didn’t know I was about to saw Simon’s arm off and start gnawing at it. Every plate that went past I got food envy 😂

I ordered my usual – waffle with bacon and potatoes with cheese on. I toyed with ordering just a waffle but given that the last few days I’d not ordered enough food and got grumpy I decided to go big or go home (plus Brandon told me to sort my life out and order a proper size breakfast). Well I went big, and I went home full. Yes I ate pretty much all of it. And I didn’t feel any guilt haha.

Simon went for 2 of the massive pancakes but he could only eat one #fail Brandon went for lunch over breakfast and got a BLT with fries. Mine definitely looked the best.

Paid up we were back in the car making our way in the rain to seaworld. The iPhone app said there was a 10% chance of rain. I’m pretty sure it’s 100% love, I can feel it – and I didn’t have to touch my boob first (mean girls reference ha!). But luckily it did pass off by the time we arrived so we didn’t get soaked.

We were here to ride the new infinity falls ride, so of course there was a sign at the entrance saying it was closed today 😑😤 later on a girl working there said it had been down more than it’s been running. Typical!

We went straight to feed the stingrays, 3 trays of fish purchased and we were ready… well I thought we were. The boys were having none of it so I had to feed them all (I made out this was a hardship while inside going YAY!). Both Brandon and Simon decided to film the entire thing 😂🙈 thanks for the Facebook live video Brandon!

We then walked around to see the Manatee 😍 I just love them so much!! After we decided to ride Atlantis. We were the only 3 in the boat – it was very quiet today. The boys got drenched, I managed to hide behind Simon a little so didn’t come off as bad. I do love this ride but it feels like it could do with some TLC, lots of the story bits weren’t working. I like a good story on my ride haha.

Next up we hit Antarctica, of course where else could we go when soaking wet other than the freezing cold penguin exhibit?! We didn’t stop for long, it was too chilly! Burrrrrr!

Just as we emerged it was time for Pets Ahoy, my fave show!! I love that all the animals they use are rescues. I always have a little tear in my eye here. I want to take them all home with me. We are a rescue only family back home so I love this part of it.

We decided to pop to the passholder lounge after for a quick drink. We passed Mako on the way, Simon had said no way but Brandon was toying with it. We grabbed a quick drink and then made our way to ride it. Brandon made it all the way there but decided he wasn’t feeling it today (🐤🐥). I’d never been on it before, I hate coasters that go upside down so I was really looking forward to giving it a go – a big coaster with no loops?! Yes please! It’s actually really intense 😱 much more than I was expecting. I loved it though! Will definitely ride it again.

After we started walking out of the park. I still had a dress to return to the outlet, it was one of the Disney dress shop ones that I bought the first week. Sadly it did nothing for me so I had to return it 😢 So we made our way there. I did pick up another little present for my niece in the Disney store 🙈 it’s all so cute! I can’t help myself!

Back to the Grand Floridian, we were still a little damp and needed to change before tonight – we were heading to Disney Springs to a Disney meet up.

Brandon’s partner Billy met us in Disney Springs and they went off for a mooch around the shops while we were at the meet up.

The meet up was at the margarita bar on the water. It was so lovely seeing everyone, some new faces and some lovely familiar ones! We stayed about an hour but our tummies were really telling us off for not eating since breakfast, and we had a date with a Polite Pig 😍 oh man the food in there is just so good! I had the half chicken with mac and cheese. Simon went for the brisket. Brandon and Billy shared the big platter that had a little of everything on it.

Finished up, we made our way back to the cars and over to the contemporary resort. We were going up to the top of the world lounge to watch Hallowishes. Billy really wanted to see them 😜 (he had dropped some major hints earlier in the week hehe) they aren’t doing the party this year so this was a way to see the fireworks still.

We met Nicole and Liz in the lobby and made our way up together 😍 it was busy in there already but we lucked out as a table just got up to leave so we jumped in their place.

Of course we got some 7 layer chocolate cake, I’m sure there’s a law about going in there and not having cake… sadly it defeated us! We left some 🙈 none of the good hazelnut layer though, that layer got demolished first 😜

We paid the bill before the fireworks, Liz and Nicole decided to skip the fireworks and head to the buses to try and get on before they were crazy busy. The fireworks were amazing as always 😍 we stood chatting with the lovely Sweet family after for a little before heading down in the lifts.

We drove Brandon over to the Grand Floridian as that’s where his car was from earlier.

Tomorrow we have to be up at 6:30 so of course at 11pm I decide to do some washing 🤦🏼‍♀️ I put it on and then sorted it in the dryers but sent Simon to get it all out at about midnight. Always amazing how quick the washing takes over here – I do find it doesn’t wash stuff properly though. If there are any marks they are likely gonna still be there unless you treat them with stain remover.

Tomorrow, discovery cove!!

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