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Disney Food – An Introduction

One thing we just love about Disney is the food so we decided to dedicate a section of our blog to it. In fact one of the main reasons we like going to Walt Disney World in the fall is to visit the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot – with spring time a close second for the Flower and Garden Festival (now featuring food booths!).

There are so many different places to eat in Walt Disney World, it can be hard to narrow it down to fit into one trip. There’s table service, quick service, snack credits, signature dining, character dining, dinner shows… it’s all a bit daunting for a first timer and it can be hard even for a seasoned traveller to pick what’s right for you and your family. Hopefully by dedicating a section of our blog just to food we can help give an insight to some of our favourite eats in Disney and help you choose some great eats in Disney.

In this section of our blog we will be covering different restaurants, some in depth and some a light comparison. Plus some of our favourite dishes and snacks.

These are just our opinions though and we always say trust your instincts, just because we didn’t care for somewhere doesn’t mean your family wouldn’t love it. Every place can have it’s off day, in fact this is something we will come to very soon when we talk about the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse at the Yacht Club.

Robyn is a pretty safe eater with a fair few food intolerances while Sy will eat pretty much anything. You’ll notice a pattern – Robyn’s food nearly always contains chicken and Sy’s hardly ever does (cause he eats so much of it at home he likes to get a break 😆)

*Warning* we take no responsibility for any hunger pangs which come from reading this blog

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