The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 12

Sea day.

The ship had been rocking quite a lot in the night and that continued for most of the day. Luckily for Simon he doesn’t suffer from seasickness and though I do usually, I had some patches on from the chemist so didn’t feel bad, phew! What it did mean though was that we weren’t able to wake up, it was rocking us back to sleep constantly (that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!). Simon got up at one point to sit outside on the veranda… 3 hours later he woke up and came to wake me up 😂🙈 it was about 11 when we finally dragged ourselves out of our slumber. We were on holiday though so I guess you’ll have to let us off 😜

We got dressed and ready for our Palo brunch. We were meeting everyone at 12:30 in the Meridian bar right next to Palo and Remy. We chatted for a bit and they took us inside at 12:45. We had the same waiter as the other day, Carl from South Africa, he remembered lots of things about us – they way we took our drinks etc. Can see how he got his spot in one of the posh restaurants.

The food was another fabulous affair. I didn’t go too mad eating though as I was still suffering with a bad throat – I guess my waistline will be happy about that fact 😉 There were a few moments mid eating I thought I might fall asleep with the rocking of the ship 🙈 you’d never have thought I’d been asleep for hours last night!

I didn’t go mad at the buffet, instead I went for a chicken parm (minus tomato sauce) and a strawberry waffle. Waffle was a disappointment as it was stuffed with cinnamon 🤢 no mention of that on the menu! Kinda looks like Mickey had some sort of terrible accident in the picture 🙈 But at least the chicken was to die for 😍 I wish I was eating some of that right now….

We soon realised we were the very last table so all paid our bills and we went straight down to the adults only quiz. It was crazy busy in the bar it was held in – I guess that’s what you get for sea days! I had to admit I was a bit miffed that there was a family with a toddler who was screaming the place down (adults only bar, adults only quiz, selfish parents).

So we decided to give it a miss and invited everyone up to our cabin for some drinks instead. We spend a good few hours just chilling out and chatting, it was really lovely. We did disappear for 5 minutes at one point as we had a character meet scheduled in the lounge (was meant to be outside but it was too windy) so we quickly popped to meet Stitch and left everyone in our cabin.

Stitch said I looked like a Hawaiian dancer hence the weird pose we are doing!

All the chatting with friends did mean we skipped out on a nap though (like we hadn’t had enough sleep already ha!). And we quickly realised we had about 30 minutes to get showered and ready for Halloween night! Oops!

Outfits on we stopped by the lounge to grab a drink. No one knew who we were dressed up as – I secretly like this, I like finding obscure ideas which takes a true Disney geek to get.

We went to join in half way through the 80’s music quiz, my friend Dee took one look at me and knew exactly who we were. I won’t spoil it for anyone but guesses on who you think we are in the comments 😉

Dinner was in the royal court again, there was more curry – this time butter chicken, I had to eat soooooo carefully so as not to get it all down me – still managed to drape a sleeve in the mess on the table so had to wash it 🙈 it was never going to end well with curry.

After dinner made our way to the adults Halloween party, stopping on the way to get some pictures.

In the lounge the hypnotist was still on when we arrived (we were a little early for the party) – my goodness it was rubbish! Seriously don’t waste your time. The party I remembered as much better before as well, it just seemed crazy busy with not much happening. We were finalists in the costume contest though and we got a key ring each. The categories were ‘most spooky’, ‘best original, most funny’, ‘most disney’ and ‘best group’. Well they gave best group ticket to me and Simon and Anne and Cliff – just the one between us all. I mean we clearly don’t go together 🤷🏼‍♀️ but that’s what they gave us so we took it lol. I like to think we would have fitted in more in ‘best original’ or ‘most disney’ but I wasn’t the one choosing 😋 it was really cool to get chosen and we love our key rings – on our car keys now 😍

When the competitions were over it turned into another silent disco, we only stayed 10 minutes though as the boat was really rocking and I was starting to feel a bit icky – the patches are brilliant but I think it had been a day of eating and I was feeling a bit poorly anyway so I just wanted bed.

We went straight back to our room and got into bed.

Tomorrow, Castaway Cay!

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