The Annual Pass Bonus Trip April/May 16 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Annual Pass Bonus Trip. Day 2. MK and Epcot

I slept through till 5am, I was awake for about an hour before dozing off again until 7:15, I’ll take that as a win!

We quickly got dressed for the day ahead and then made our way over to MK – well there’s gotta be an upside to being awake this early right? We wanted to make it to see the rope drop ceremony! We valet parked at GF and hopped on the monorail.

We made it just in time, Sy got randomly selected while I was in the queue for bag check. It was then time for the show!

I cried of course, as you do. I don’t think there are many things that top this for me. It’s optimises everything I love about Disney.

We walked up main street slowly, taking everything in. We stopped to get some Photopass pictures with a Cast Member who we recognised from our last trip for being awesome. He took our pictures in the Grand Floridian with Jan and he was crazy good! He was so touched we remembered him that he went to town taking pictures for us ❤

Afterwards I gave him one of the little thank you cards I made up before we left home which has a pic of Squirt (Finding Nemo) and says ‘thanks for making our trip totally sweet’

We walked on some more before stopping in Main Street Bakery for some food. We walked and found somewhere to sit and eat outside the plaza.

Another breakfast of champions.

Castle selfie!

It was then time for our first Fastpass in the shape of Seven Dwarves Mine Train! We sat in the back row. It was way better in the back that’s for sure.

We saw the ugly sisters nearby meeting so we hopped in line to meet them. Omg it was the best meet I’ve ever had! They were hilarious! We periscoped the meet so I’ll try uploading the video here (fingers crossed it works). They were fascinated by the people inside the tiny screen watching them and commenting!

We then made our way out of MK and back to the car as we were meeting Vicki and Ali for lunch in My French Cafe, just north of MK.

We hopped on the boat back

Was so lovely to chat for a while over some food. I went for a BLT (hold the T), Sy had a croque Madame. We got 2 desserts to share, a passion fruit and raspberry tart and a red fruit mille feuille. They were both amazing ❤

Afterwards we popped into the Publix for some supplies – meaning Diet Coke and apple slices with caramel sauce hehe.

We decided that we would then head back to the hotel for a swim. Ali decided to come with us to sit by the pool in the sunshine.

We arrived back in the room to find the cutest little towel animal!! Omg!! I also took some pics of the room seeing as I had forgotten the day before 😉

Sy had a dip in the pool while Ali and I did a bit of sunbathing. I got a bit scared as I went really red :O but luckily it was just where I got a little hot and not sunburn, phew!

We headed back out at 5pm and over to Epcot to meet Vicki. Ali picked up her annual pass so I waited for her and Sy went in ahead. Of course this is what he did with his time…

We went to ride Spaceship Earth as we were passing and there was no wait.

We picked up our AP picture for the flower and garden festival before heading into the land pavilion to meet up with Vicki. I couldn’t get over how quiet it was in there, with Soarin’ closed. We went to ride a favourite of mine, Living with the Land ❤ I know I’ve seen it a million times, but I still love it. I did notice something weird in there though, when you first go into the outdoor bit where the sand is, there were paw prints everywhere! Wonder what animal put those there?! Sadly we had gone past before I got the camera out.

Afterwards we grabbed some food in Sunshine Seasons. I went for a kids chicken wrap with potato wedges, it was ok. Sy doesn’t remember what he ate and I have no pictures or notes – whoops! He did eat, trust me hehe.
Love the ceiling in here

We sat chatting for a bit before heading out to world showcase to see some of the Flower and Garden topiaries.
Warning, photo overload…

We stopped in America to share a funnel cake (well Sy and I did, Ali and Vicki thought we were mental for sharing Hahahaha)

Eventually the sun had set and it was time to find a spot to watch Illuminations. We stopped between Italy and Germany.

We got chatting to the sweetest Cast Member while we waited. I forgot to catch her name sadly but I wish I had. She took a group picture for us.

Illuminations was good (it’s no wishes let’s face it). We had started to seriously flag now though so it was back to the hotel for us and back to Vicki’s for her and Ali.

We arrived back and hit the hay at 11pm

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