The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. The Day Before

Well the day before went very similar to previous day befores… The day started with Simon going to work and leaving me to do everything. Like literally everything #facepalm I’m a well trained housewife (least that’s what I keep trying to tell him) so I did all of the cleaning and packing in the days before so today I finished off the last case and our hand luggage. Did the last few bits of cleaning and tidying and then started the pre holiday preening – it’s hard work being a girl I’ll have you know 😉. I’d been so organised in the few days leading up I’d left myself with practically no food in the house while Simon went to Nando’s with his team at work, and then proceeded to tell me how amazing it was while I ate my one piece of potato bread that I hoped didn’t have a bit of mould on it 🙄

I was all packed and ready to go by 3:45 as Simon was due home at 4. Well let’s just say ‘Watson time’ kicked in and he finally arrived home at 5:20. We call it Watson time as it’s known trait of the Watson’s – always give them an earlier time as they will be late 😂 I’m still a McCoy at heart and can’t stand being late, it makes for some interesting conversations sometimes 😜

I’d kindly left 2 jobs for Simon when he arrived home, empty the bin and the cat litter. Thought it was only fair as I’d done everything else… (he is very grateful though to me for getting everything organised).

Car packed up and we were off. Poor Tink our pussycat is off to a cattery this time, we’ve been having a family member stay at ours when we’ve been away but she was so stressed last time she peed everywhere 😩 so if she’s going to be stressed without us there she may as well be stressed in a cattery. I hated every moment of that car journey though. The lady is super lovely so I know she will take really good care of her.

We then made our way to Gatwick and the premier inn north terminal, only an hour and a half later than planned 🙄 ah well! My dad Bill, met us at the drop off and helped me take the bags up to our room while Sy waited with the car, we then all drove over to Anne and Cliff’s house for dinner. Chicken and sweet potato curry followed by home made raspberry cake for Cliff’s birthday! Yummy

Cliff then drove us back to the airport as we were leaving our cars at their house while we are away.

In bed about 12:30. Sadly I didn’t get much sleep as Simon’s been poorly so snoring is at plane take off volume interspersed with coughing fits. At about 2:30am I wondered if I could go down and book another room… and then decided I couldn’t be bothered to move haha.

Gonna be a looooong travel day! Fingers crossed for some sleep on the plan 🤞🏼

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