The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 1


Woke up at 6am, I’ll totally take that as a win. I’m sure I would’ve slept longer only Simon went to the bathroom and coughed his lungs out for about 10 minutes.

Unpacked and hung up all of Simons stuff and then made our way out for breakfast at Kona Cafe.

We were about 15 minutes early but had to wait till our time, we were seated on the same table of 6 that sat there from when we arrived 😆🙈

Our waitress wasn’t amazing in all honesty, I asked a few questions about stuff and she clearly wasn’t sure of the answers so guessed – which ended up with me getting French toast covered in cinnamon. When she finally came back I sent it back to have it made without cinnamon to find out they can’t do that 🙄 so I had to order and eat once everyone else had finished. No mention of an apology or anything taken off the bill. The food was lush though which was the main thing.

We then hopped the monorail to the magic kingdom. I had an annual pass to activate which meant everyone else went in while I lined up for an age in the direct sunlight 🙈 good thing I put my sun cream on this morning!! I managed to make inside just in time to catch the trolley though so day already made 😍😍 chatted and got some pictures with the lovely Alexx and Tori after 😍

We had a few fast passes today over in Adventureland, first up was Jungle cruise but we needed a drink first so off we went to Aloha isle, and obviously if you go there you HAVE to get a dole whip right?! 3 between the 6 of us… who cares that we hadn’t long had breakfast?! It’s vacation time after all 😉

Tummies full of dole whip we went off for some super cheesy jokes on the jungle cruise, quickly followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Some bright spark decided the ladies should sit at the front with the men in row 2… down the little hill and the water POURED in 😱 we were soaked through! Never been so wet on that ride in my life 😆🙈 mums were not impressed with the person who made us sit in the front… I’ll not mention any names who 🤭

Last fast pass was Splash mountain, mummas decided to sit this one out as they were wet enough already haha.

Afterwards the rain came and stopped play with the parade so we made a quick dash for it out of the park and back to the Poly where our car was.

We were all feeling a bit peckish, well it had been at least a few hours since we last ate! So we drove to Panda Express and shared meals between 2.

Full again we headed to Walmart to stock up on all the essentials… $200 later 😧 plenty of beer, wine, tonic water for all the gin that had been bought in duty free 😆 we did also get some food to snack on in the rooms and breakfast stuff – our fridge is absolutely stacked.

Back to the hotel to unload all shopping and have a shower. Gin poured and snacks out while we all sat around with our feet up for an hour before making our way to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic!

As they are doing loads of work in the car park, the closest you can get is absolutely miles away from the entrance, so we had a nice little power walk as we were worried about being late and fantasmic being full to capacity. We were fine though, got there in plenty of time. Not a huge amount of seats left but we got some and that’s the main thing.

The cutest guy ever was guiding people to the seats, when they were playing the music to get everyone in the mood before the show he was dancing away, just generally enjoying himself. It was so fun to watch as he looked so happy. Disney magic right there.

Fantasmic was amazing as ever. Really is one of the best shows in Disney imo (Disneyland’s version is still better mind you!) just love it when Steamboat Willie comes out. Always gives me goosebumps.

We had planned to go out for dinner afterwards but we were all so tired we decided to come back to the hotel and eat at the counter service here, the Mara. I completely let the side down and forgot to take pictures of our food but I had the chicken nuggets because let’s face it, nothing beats Disney chicken nuggets. Simon had turkey and avocado sandwich. They also sell frozen jungle juice so we got one of those to share. Yum!

Washing on and I was in bed by 10:20 with Simon shortly after I’m told but I was already zonked.

Tomorrow, Epcot. Eating our way around the world 😍

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