Our Very Merry 25 Nighter Nov/Dec 15 · Trip Reports · Walt Disney World

Our Very Merry 24 Nighter Day 10

We woke up about 8am and took our time getting showered and dressed. We then went to get some breakfast in the club lounge (yay for club lounge access!), I could totally get used to that lounge!

Carrie had saved me her leaflet with Joann’s Black Friday deals in it knowing I’m a keen sewer and wanted to get some fabrics… The deals were going on all weekend so I dragged Sy along with me. Oh boy was he pleased about that HAHAHAHA. It was quite busy in there but not unbearable, was easy to look around and grab the things that I wanted. I had a good look around the fabrics and grabbed pretty much all the Disney fabrics I could find… (I made Sy push a trolley and I promptly filled!). Then I needed to get the fabric cut, I wasn’t sure what to do at first but I soon spotted a little ticket machine so I went to grab a ticket, number 80. I looked up to see the current number, 42. Oh holy crap. There were like 4 people stood cutting at the cutting tables and each person like me had masses to be cut. This did not go down well with Sy Hahahaha poor lad. We queued for 90 minutes. Sy was about ready to kill me, I’m sure I could read his mind and he was going through different ways to make me pay for making him do this :-O about an hour into the wait we were given a ticket from someone else who got bored and couldn’t stand it anymore, I think they saw Sy and felt sorry for him as I was off looking at more fabric again hahaha. Sy even did some periscoping and moaned about me to anyone who would listen hehehe.


I came back with more Disney fabric that I’d found and put it in the trolley, I needed the restroom so went off to find it but had to use the men’s…. The staff member outside said there was a code V in the ladies – clearly someone couldn’t take the sales pressure 😉

We finally got to the front of the queue and got all of the fabric cut, we then went to pay and parted with about $100, oops! I think I have a fabric addiction! In my defence, some of it was for my mum (who I’d facetimed to show her all the different fabrics so she could have some too hahaha). We finally headed back outside, can’t believe it had been so long since we’d seen the sunshine hehe. We were now desperate for a drink, we hadn’t come prepared clearly! Right next door was a Panda Express so we headed in for some lunch.

The food wasn’t great, it was dead in there so the food had been sitting out for ages. The best bit were the pot stickers which were cooked to order. I’ll remember that in future 😉 such a shame though as we’d really liked Panda Express in Vegas and we’re looking forward to eating more. I know it’s not exactly high quality food but it’s something we can’t get back home.

Guess which one’s mine hehe (the plain rice!).

Next door was a Target so we headed inside to have a look. We were pretty shopped out by now so we didn’t buy much, think Sy had gone back to thinking up ways to kill me… We did get a few Christmas presents and some foodie things to take home so it wasn’t a complete waste of time but tbh neither of our hearts were in it lol.

I took a pic of this reindeer made entirely of cupcakes!


Back in the room I called mum and showed her all the fabrics and then had a nap – shopping took it out of me clearly!

Tonight was our horse and carriage ride that had been rearranged from a few days earlier, it was booked for 7pm so we got ready and headed out of the room at 6pm. We drove over to Port Orleans Riverside and parked out front (after driving around a few times as there were literally no spaces!). I’ve actually been to POR once before when I’d bought an annual pass thing for a friend who was staying there, we bought it on our last day so stopped at their resort to leave it there for them on the way to the airport. It’s a pretty reception but it was pretty loud right now with people checking in and coming back from the parks. 

We went out through the back of reception and met the horses and their respective drivers (there were 2 carriages). There was a guy waiting there with a clipboard ready to check us in. 

Our horse was Wreck it Ralph cause he was big and beefy (or as my notes say, he was a chunky monkey like us hahaha). One thing’s for sure though, he was a real beauty! You’re not really meant to pet the horses but as there was no one else around our driver Tim said it would be fine, yay! He seemed to like the petting I gave him (Ralph, not Tim that is).

We hopped in and started our ride, both carriages went at once with us up front. About 5 minutes into the trip Ralph decided he needed a erm, rest stop. So he stopped and took a massive poop Hahahaha he had something to catch it all though so no nasty surprises left for other guests… Sadly this meant we took the smell with us through the rest of the journey.

I tried to get a selfie on the journey but it didn’t really work :-/

We went round POR and then into the French Quarter, I LOVED it. I knew from pictures I would like it and I wasn’t wrong. It looked more like a deluxe than a moderate. I just loved everything about it, if we ever stay moderate I could totally stay here!

Our 25 min ride went on for about 35 cause Ralph decided he was on a go slow, I put it down to him pulling a lot of weight 😉 poor Ralph lol (though technically you can have 4 people in the carriages so I dunno).

Back at reception and our trip had come to an end, sniff sniff. Tim offered to take some pics of the 2 of us.

We charged the ride to our room and were able to use our annual pass for a bit of discount, woohoo! Every little helps. We really enjoyed the little ride but it was quite expensive, I’m not sure I’ll rush to do it again. Though I might be tempted by one at fort wilderness during the holidays to see the decorations. 

We headed back to the car and decided to pop to the outlets, I know, you’d think we would be done with shopping for the day really but I wanted to check the Disney store again to see if they had my dooney bag. We parked up easy and right near the Disney store so we headed right there. And would you know it, they totally had the bag! Woohoo! I still had a mini meltdown though as it was a lot of money even on sale so I almost didn’t buy it… But then Sy talked me into it and bought it for me, I couldn’t turn that down now could I? That would be rude 😉 

We also went into hilfiger and got Sy a jacket and me a jumper so it was a successful shopping trip all in all. Those were the only shops we went in though as I started to feel a bit icky, I’d been poorly for a few days with what felt like a nasty cold 😦 so we made our way back to AKL, Sy dropped me off at the hotel and went out to find some food. Half an hour or so later he came back with McDonald’s, he’d got me some chicken nuggets even though I’d told him I didn’t want anything but he didn’t want me to not eat anything *aww*. I ate them in bed and then went straight to sleep. Sy stayed up for a bit and sat out on the balcony watching the animals, he came to bed about an hour later after he’d fallen asleep out there and woken up freezing cold lol.

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