The Mega Family Trip Oct 18

The Mega Trip. Day 19

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Woke up earlier than the alarm, i wonder if you can guess what woke me up….? You will be correct! Is that a train going past? A plane taking off? 🤦🏼‍♀️

We grabbed some breakfast in the room before making our way to the Magic Kingdom. Best perk ever staying in the Grand Floridian, one monorail stop away! We were here for one reason of course. Our friends were dancing today in the Trolley so we just had to make it to see them 😍

We watched the Trolley at every stop down Main Street – though today the trolley show had no trolley – there had been work on the road so it couldn’t make it down, instead it was the blue car.

We made our way out of the park after, we were off to Animal Kingdom today! We stopped by our room as we needed some drinks – it was a clammy one today, needed to keep those fluids up. Top tip – make sure you’re drinking plenty, it’s so easy to get dehydrated. It’s happened to me a couple times and it’s not nice 🤮

Grabbing some fresh bottles of water, we collected the car and off we went. Parked up and as it was lunch time headed for one of our favourites – Yak & Yeti, for the second time this trip. Whipped out the Landry card and seated within minutes despite having no reservation and an hour queue for walk-ups!

We explained to the server that we had a Fastpass for festival of the Lion king at 1.30pm that we really wanted to make, we were super efficient and had our order ready to go. Diet cokes for both and I ordered my usual sweet and sour with chicken fried rice and extra sauce, Simon ordered meatballs with udon noodles off the seasonal specials. The food came out very quickly and it was gooooood. I went to use the restroom and while I did Simon ordered me a mango pie to go 😍 this is why I married him! Find a man who orders you dessert even when you were gonna skip it yourself 🥰

Food done we walked over to The Festival of the Lion King in Harambe and were bang on time for our fastpass slot. I ate my pie outside in the queue #winningatlife

We requested a spot in the Warthog section to see our friend Tori performing in the show – she was the snake today 😍

One of the longest running shows at Walt Disney World and we love it! If you’ve not seen it, you’re missing out. I honestly believe I could sit watching it over and over again.

After festival of the lion king we went to head up to Rafikis planet watch forgetting that it had already closed on the 21st #bummer #wemissthegoats, instead we decided we would use one of our multiple experience fast passes from the DVC sign up – so off we went to Dinosaur. Another fave! A little known fact – it’s the same track as Indiana Jones in Disneyland.

We hung around a little after waiting for Donald’s Dino bash to start but when it hadn’t started by 4:15 (it was due to start at 4) we decided to call it quits. We stopped by Donald and Scrooge for a pic before we left though. The family before us meeting Donald had a toddler who really did not want to meet him – he screamed the place down 🙈 I’m not sure who was more traumatised, the child or Donald! The photo will be one for the album 😆🙈 never sure why parents do that to their little ones when they’re terrified 🤷🏼‍♀️

We made our way out of the park and back to the Grand Floridian. I did some washing and we both grabbed a shower before getting ready and making our way back out again. Tonight we were meeting Carrie and Mark in Longhorns along international drive.

I went for the usual Parmesan chicken (same as Mark) while Carrie and Simon both had the same burger. Food was seriously lush 😍 I’m not sure you’re supposed to eat in Longhorns when no ones eating a steak 🤔😆

We chatted for hours, 2 hours to be exact 😆🙈 We had to say goodbye and head to Epcot – today we had tickets for a special annual pass holder event in the park from 9 till 11pm. We arrived at 9:30 among everyone leaving, it was like swimming against the tide trying to get in the park.

The event was basically like 2 hours of extra magic hours, with a little dance party added. It was fun to ride Test Track with no line, we also got to meet Baymax with 1 family in line in front. And we were able to walk right in to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy! Minnie was one of the best meets we’ve ever had – I think cause she wasn’t rushing to the next family. She told me she’s getting tired of waiting for Mickey to put a ring on it… Mickey you need to sort that out before someone gets in there first!

We popped into Mousegear so I could buy the magic band I’d been eyeing up… Jessica Rabbit 😍😍 It was then time for us to start walking out, at 10:58 we were passing Spaceship earth, Simon of course wanted to ride. I might have rested my eyes for a little bit 🙈

Back to the resort for 11:30, in bed by midnight. Ready for another busy day tomorrow 😍

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